Sunday, 14 April 2019

[Sellswords] Battle Report: The Tower of Mudagog

Today I played the ninth and last scenario of my Solo campaign of "Sellswords & Spellslingers". The expert scenario was ispired, with some minor changes, from the rulebook: Tower of the Necromancer pg48.

The PCs must deal with an orc shaman terrorizing the area and ruling the ruined town of Arnalos.

Mudagog was nervous, his explorers gave to him bad news, the damned purple sorcerer and his minions have crossed the river and were getting closer to Arnalos. The Purple Sorcer must be crazy, how he could dare how could he dare to face him in his domain overflowing with greenskins! This time he had dared too much, and he would paid for his recklessness with his life! However, Mudagog was still anxious, and he didn't dare to admit, not even to himself, that he feared the Purple Sorcerer.
Then an orc archer on a ruined tower shouted alarmed. The Purple Sorcerer was there!
Mudagog sighed taking courage: the Purple Sorcers is just a man and I have an army at my command. The he spoke: "Let the fools come! They will know soon that challeging Mudagog is a sure and fast way to die young!"
However his words did not sound, to himself, as convincing as he had hoped...

Overview of the board with foes and PCs deployed

Border Princes map (red star indicate the place where the scenario is played, zoom the picture)

CABAL of GRACIALE 101xp Unspenct: 4

AMRON MALIOCCO GRACIALE "the Bringer of Hope"  35xp
Traits: Spellcaster (20xp), Fireball (5xp), Alchemy (Heal) lvl1, Armor lvl1 (6xp).
Negative Traits: Greedy (-5xp)
Silver pieces: 32 Equipment: x2 Potion of Heal
Amron is the bastard son of the rich merchant and explorer Dante Graciale of Tobaro. He is an half elf. His father never said much about Amron's elf mother. He simply told him that his mother chose his name before abandoning him and that she was a witch. Being an half elf and the result of an illicit relationship, Amron could not be officially recognized by the Graciale family, however his father grew him as his son and he could enjoy a comfortable life. When he was an adult, he finds out to have the spellcaster gift and his father paid a magician to teach him. Dissatisfied with the limiting lessons of his teacher, he decided to begin a journey in the Border Princes, where he could test is magic skills and learn magic faster.

DAETHSKAR "the Dark Knight" 39xp
Traits: Armor lvl2 (12xp), Fighter: Axe lvl3 (15xp), Shield lvl3 (12xp)
Negative Trait: Burly
Silver Pieces: 47 Equipment: x2 Potion of Heal
Daethskar is an animated armor, created by Amron during one of his magic experiments.
He is the loyal body guard of Amron. He follows and protects his master wherever he goes.

GROGMILDA "the Half Orc" 17xp
Traits: Fighter: 2-handed blade lvl2 (10xp), Strong, Thrown: axe lvl1 (5xp)
Negative Trait: Impulsive Equipment: x2 Potion of Heal
Grogmilda was a petty warband leader defeated by the Cabal.
Amron was impressed by the strenght of the Half Orc and decided to recruit her in his company.

The TWINS 10xp
Traits: Armor lvl1 (6xp), Danger Sense (4xp)
Silver Pieces: 187 Equipment: Potion of Heal
The Twins is/are just a goblin mutant mercenary hired by Amron.

A female goblin taunts a poor female human prisoner. "Kiss my green butt! Gnarf! Gnarf!" 😆

Some greenskin villagers are working while a poor man is to the pillory.

Some female greenskin villagers are around a fire, while a female human slave is in chains.
Female goblin eating: "That human girl seem delicious, may I eat her?" 😋
Female orc dancing: "No, she is not for eating, she is the favorite concubine of the orc chieftain..."
Female goblin eating: "Oh! Maybe just a leg?" 😊

An orc villager is taking care of some sheep.

Mudagog is looking his domain and then take refuge inside the tower after the Purple Sorcerer is sighted. "Purple Sorcerer, today is your last day in this world!"

Amron and his minions move towards the tower, as fast as they can.

The twins kills an orc, while Amron defeat a goblin that charged him and burn two goblins with his fireball.

Grogmilda run fast towards the suspended bridge and meet an Orc Chieftain which blocks the passage.
Orc Chieftain: "You can not pass!" 😬

Grogmilda is abushed by two goblins and charged by the orc chieftain, but she defeat all of them.
Grogmilda: "Nobody will stop me!" 😤

meanwhile the other members of the cabal continue to move...

Grogmilda is charged by and horde of orcs and seem in difficulty. She is injured but The Twins join the fight and the other companions are close.
Amron: "Grogmilda is a precious ally, she is not expendable as most of the greenskin scum, she must live enough to help me to defeat the vile Mudagog, then we must help her!"

Two orcs are defeated, Grogmilda is injured but recover her wounds tanks to two healing potions.
Daethskar falls but he is not injured.
Grogmilda: "These greenskin brothers are quite tenacious, but Grogmilda is stronger than them!" 😈

The last orc is defeated and Amron could cross the bridge.
Amron: "Move quickly, we have short time before a green tide floods us!" 😣

Amron and his minions continue their movement towards the tower.

Finally the cabal begin its climb of the tower's stairs. A goblins ambush Amron but he is defeated.
Amron: "These damned goblins are hidden everywhere!" 😡

The cabal continue its climbing of the stairs.
Amron: "How many stairs has this cursed tower?!" 😓

Finally the Twins reach the closed door of the tower. He try to break it, but he fails.

Grogmilda reach the closed door and break it.
Grogmilda: "No door could resist Grogmilda! Now the way is free for you, my master!" 😈

Amron: "Well done Grogmilda, there are some more orcs inside, our little goblin freak is fighting them... I will cast a fireball, then the greenskins will perish... sure, our little green friend will perish too, but his sacrifice is necessary..." 😒

An orc is defeated by the Twins and the other 3 orcs, including the twins themself are burned by the fireball of Amron.
The Twins: "We are burniiiiiiiiggggg!!!" 😱
The Twins are out of combat, but they are just in coma and could survive the scenario.

The other members of the cabal enter the tower, searching the vile Mudagog.
Amron: "Where are you hiding, Mudagog?"

Daethskar break the closed door of the room of Mudagog and charge him.
Mudagog: "How you dare to enter in my room?! My powers are great and you will pay for your insolence!"
Amron: "Spare me your empty words of challenge, You are doomed and you know it well!" 😈

Finally Mudagog is killed by Daethskar and with his last breath he curses Amron.
"I may be defeated... cough! Argh! But my seed will avenge me! My daughter will avenge meeeeearghllllll.... *!!"
Amron: "Classic last words from a pitiful loser..." 😏

Amron brought the dead body of Mudagog outside the tower and claimed:
"Mudagog the vile shaman is dead! He was not a real challenge for my magic powers! Now, I'm Magister Amron Maliocco Graciale the bringer of hope and I'm your new master! Kneel before me or perish!" 😈

The greenkins dazed looked at each other, then after some seconds of silence they knelt in unison.

Amron smiled with satisfaction. Excellent, he thought, my legend begin today... now I will use this safe haven and my numerous greenskin minions to facilitate my ascent to the rank of a great sorcerer! Muahahahahahah!! 😂

The PCs gain a reward of 8xp and the campaign is ended with the victory of the Cabal of Graciale.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Nippon Hobgoblins

I painted some companions for Nitstume, the nippon half-hobgoblin. Here Nistume with some Nippon Hobgoblins.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Female Goblins

Some warmonger female goblins I've painted for my oldhammer games:

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Half-Orc Shamaness

An half-orc shamaness I painted for my oldhammer games.

Originally I yet painted this miniature as a barbarian shamaness in 2013:

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Orc and Goblin Archers

I painted some orc and goblin archers for my oldhammer games.

the back shield of the orc with purple hood

Thursday, 21 March 2019


I've included a sidekick to Sesshomaru, the small goblin Jaken. I did a simple conversion with a middlehammer goblin with a broken rod, including an head a point of a spear. The paint scheme is ispired by the small kappa Jaken, from the Inuyasha anime. Jaken was the servant and sidekick of Sesshomaru in the cartoon.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


I repainted a maidenhead miniature I bought and painted some years ago.
I will include her as a beastwoman in my beastmen warband for my oldhammer games.
I've more "beastwomen" that I will paint too, soon or later.

the old paint job, done in 2012.