Thursday, 22 December 2016

Footman and Mounted Officer

JollyBob (from Lead Adventure Forum) sent to me a nice christmas gift: an Ex-citadel Wargames foundry men-at-arms footman's halberd and mounted officer's horse. Then I could complete my mounted officer and footman (the first missed the horse, the second the weapon).
I immediately started to paint them and here they are ready to smash some pitiful orcs ;)

Thanks again Bob :)

 the small warband:

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Space Ork Squad

A Space Ork Squad for my rogue trader games.
I painted them with the classic old school paint scheme.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Space Ork

Here the first space ork I ever painted. It will the first of a squad of five orks, that will be fine for my rogue trader games (as bystanders, for now).

Monday, 19 December 2016

Necron Scarabs

Here a swarm of 5 necron scarabs.

I've some doubts about the paint scheme of the scarabs, maybe a black paint scheme with red jaws could be better (like the weapons of the necron warriors). What do you think?

The whole warband of the Necron Lord.

a Bigger picture of the Necron Lord alone.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Necron Lord

I painted the necron Lord for my squad of Necrons (or Chaos Androids). Again I painted using the paint scheme of the Chaos Android from the Space Crusade boardgame.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes Battle Report: BURN the ORC Village!

Today I played my first game with Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes.
I painted two oldhammer warbands (citadel 1983-84 miniatures) and some Turnkey miniatures orc villagers.
The scenario is simple: the attacker must burn at least two huts, while the defender and villagers must avoid it, defending the village.
To burn an hut an attacker must move in contact with the building and win two activations.

WARHAMMER Border Prince Background:
Somewhere in the Border Prince, a warband lead by Lord Karheinz de Trillo find an orc village near the border of his domain and order to his men to burn it.
However the Orc Village is under the protection of another new Border Prince, a Chaos Sorcerer that is building is small domain with the aid of greeskins and human chaos renegades.

BURN the ORC Village!

Lord Karlheinz was outraged.
How dare these disgusting greenskins to build their pitiful settlement near his domain.
They should be punished. He spoke to his men.
Karlheinz: "My brave men, our lands are infested by a greenskin invasion, then we must defend our borders and drive out the invaders!"
The men responded with cheers.
Proudly, Lord Karlheinz lead his men to the raid.
Karlheinz: "Burn the Orc Village!"

meanwhile the warband of Graciale was not far from the orc village.
An orc sentinel informed the Chaos Sorcerer of the incoming human warband.
Orc Sentinel: "My lord, some humans are coming, they are moving toward our village!"
The Chaos Sorcerer was annoyed. To keep the loyality of his greenskin minions one of his duties was to ensure protection of the villages under his domains.
Graciale: "Grimskull, move the troops, we should teach to those rude men that these raids are not tolerated..."

Orc Villagers: all with Quality 5+ Combat 0, the Orc Elder has Leader trait.

CABAL of GRACIALE Warband (400 pts, 10 models)

Dante Maliocco Graciale - Personality
Points 108    Quality 3+    Combat 2
Traits: Leader (L,P), Spell-caster (P)
Spell: Blast (P), Courage (P), Fireball (P), Protection From Arrows (P)

GrimSkull - Personality
Points 86    Quality 3+    Combat 4
Traits    : Dashing, Fearless, Group Fighter (P), Huge Weapon (W), Shieldbreaker (W), Subcommander (L,P)

Orc w/scimitar, shield & javelin
Points 32    Quality 4+    Combat 3
Trait: Block

Orc w/double handed Axe
Points 32    Quality 4+    Combat 3
Trait: Heavy Weapon

Orc w/glaive and shield
Points 33    Quality 4+    Combat 3
Traits: Block, Long Reach Reach

The Twins
Points 23    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Bludgeon

Long Neck
Points 23    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Bludgeon

Fanatic Goblin
Points 21    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Ball-and-Chain (W)

Fanatic Goblin
Points 21    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Ball-and-Chain (W)

Fanatic Goblin
Points 21    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Ball-and-Chain (W)

BORDER PRINCE Warband (399 pts, 9 models)

Lord Karlheinz de Trillo - Personality
Points 92    Quality 3+    Combat 4
Traits    : Heavily Armored, Heavy Weapon, Leader (L,P), Steadfast

Gautier Dhenin - Personality (double handed axe)
Points 60    Quality 3+    Combat 3
Traits    : Heavily Armored, Heavy Weapon, Shieldbreaker (W) , Subcommander (L,P)

Tristan Leitdorfer (Heavy Billman)
Points 48    Quality 3+    Combat 3
Traits    : Heavily Armored, Long Reach, Piercing Weapon (W)

Galeno de Medina (Heavy Billman)
Points 44    Quality 3+    Combat 3
Traits    : Heavily Armored, Long Reach

Carmine (Billman)
Points 30    Quality 4+    Combat 3
Traits    : Long Reach, Piercing Weapon (W)

Oldric (Spearman)
Points 20    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Long Reach

Fortunato (Spearman)
Points 20    Quality 4+    Combat 2
Trait: Long Reach

Gernandt (Archer)
Points 34    Quality 3+    Combat 2
Trait: Longbow (W)

Mandred (Crossbowman)
Points 51    Quality 4+    Combat 3
Traits    : Crossbow (W), Fire into Melee, Good Shot, Heavily Armored

The board with deployment of the warbands.
The Border Prince Warband is the attacker.

the camp of Lord Karheinz

the protectors of the Orc Village

The Orc Village

The Border Prince Warband won the scenario.
Two huts are burning. Graciale and Grimskull are KO and the greenskin minions are without their leaders.
Most of the greenskins fleed after the defeat of the Chaos Sorcerer, they tried to regroup, but it was too late to save the orc village.
The subcommander Gautier Dhenin and a spearman are KO.
Graciale, Grimskull, a goblin fanatic, long neck and the twins are KO.
The Orc worker is KO while the Orc Elder is prone.

the board at the end of last turn.

Lord Karlheinz was satisfied.
The greenskins were defeated.
The villagers and the enemy warband was fleeing.
The powers of the Chaos Sorcerer could not stop the righteous fury of his men.
Unfortunately this victory wasn't without a price, his valiant lieutenant was seriously injured and one of his spearmen was dead.
The Chaos Sorcerer and his Chaos Champion were seriously injured too and they should retreat with their fleeing minions. Three of the greenskins and one of the villagers were slaughtered.
Lord Karlheinz: "Well done my brave men! Now pillage the village, you deserve the booty! Take that orc elder with us.. he will learn later the price of the defeat..."

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Empire Warband

The last three men-at-arms and the Empire warband should be complete.
Maybe I will include another men-at-arm and a mounted leader (but first I must find an horse for the leader and the weapon for the fighter).

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Men at Arms

Two Men-at-Arms join the Empire Knight.

Empire Knight

This is a OOP 1984 citadel C26 Man-at Arm I painted as an Empire Knight.
It is still available from Wargames foundry.
The miniature is really easy to paint but It has a monotonous design too. Maybe because it's more realistic than the other classic citadel miniatures. Soon more empire fighters will join him.