Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Knights of the Light (Alluminas)

Some years ago I bought some Knights of the Light from the now dead Ilyad Games. A French company that had many resin miniatures in its catalogue. The Knights of the Light are from the french comic book "Black Moon Chronicles". I always liked the cold look of these knights and hoped to use them someday. Then in 2009 I painted a warband for mordheim. They will be champions of the lawful god of Light Alluminas. Alluminas, for who remember, was the lawful god of light in the old background of the Warhammer role playing book. I use this knights with the sisters of sigmar warband rules.

Here some details about the book "Black Moon Chronicles":

pictures of the original Knights of Light from the comic book:


Commander Gunthar and Knight

Priest of the Light

Knight and Soldiers

Soldiers and Standard Bearer

The warband:


  1. As you know, I love this comic a lot and the knights of teh light are a great faction in it, too bad Ilyad didn't get to produce more as quality was unquestionable, maybe things would have been different in another scale...
    Excellent warband anyway !

  2. Thanks. As I yet wrote, I always loved the Knights of the Light. I remember when I read parts of the first book on the pages of an italian magazine (Kaos magazine), it was 1996 if I remember well. Later, just about few years ago. I knew about the comic book and the italian translation, so I bought all the volumes (14). I didn't knew that the comic book saga was started in 1989 and then finally finished only in 2008 (when I bought the last book) ;) If I must be honest, the story was a little trivial, especially the later plot. Also I was disappointed by the character of Fratus Sinister, initially he was intriguing, but he soon rapidly regressed and his dead was particularly embarrassing :( Unfortunately the Ilyad Games had not the opportunity to do the cavalry and chariots of the knights of the light and the resin is nice and allows many details, but it is too fragile. I'm always worried that one day my knights will break.