Wednesday, 17 June 2015

COBRA league

After I painted the gi joe league for Pulp Alley, now is the turn of the Cobra league.
Here the Cobra Commander from East Riding Miniatures & Hasslefree Miniatures I will use as leader of the league (of course):

I yet painted him some years ago.

Me as Cobra Commander. Yes I've a CC costume. I could not resist. ;)
The original sunbow cartoon Cobra Commander

Cobra Officers (as allies)
Scarface (from the comic) and Lt. Clay Moore

Lt. Clay Moore from the sunbow cartoon

Cobra Troopers and two Officers (as two gangs of 5 members each)

I just taken some Void VASA Marines I yet had and swaped the head with a West Wind German Steel Helmet head and some green stuff for the mask.
Not bad, they seem have similarities with the cobra troopers from the sunbow cartoon

The original sunbow cartoon cobra troopers.

and then the whole league, for now, maybe I will include storm shadow too, and later an hiss tank from Running Press.

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  1. Looking great. Can't wait to see them in some games.