Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Malal Warrior

I painted a KnightmareGames miniature as a Malal Warrior. I've included it with two other miniatures (the elf was yet painted several months ago), that will be my player characters with the cooperative and solo game "Sellswords and Spellslingers" from Ganesha Games.

Sigfrido the Warhammer 20xp
Traits: Armor lvl1 (6xp), Strong lvl1 (4xp), Fighter: 2-handed crushing weapon lvl1 (5xp), Leader (5xp)
Negative Trait: Burly

Elves "the King" 19xp
Traits: Archery lvl2 (12xp), Forester (3xp), Keen senses lvl2 (2xp), Charisma lvl2 (4xp)
Negative Trait: Impulsive (-2xp)
Unspenct XP=1

Mortis the Chaos Renegade of Malal 20xp
Traits: Armor lvl2 (12xp), Fighter: sword lvl1 (5xp), Horde Fighter lvl1 (5xp)
Negative Traits: Glory Hound (-2xp)

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


I painted an oldhammer style miniature ispired to the Warhammer guy from the 3rd edition of Warhammer.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Palaeo Diet: The Lost World

Today I played a Solo game with the Palaeo Diet skirmish game. I used dinosaurs instead of the prehistoric mammals available on the rulebook. I received some "work in progress" rules about a future supplement, where it will be available the option to use the dinosaurs (for pulp games) and more details about children, young hunters, old hunters, women and weapons.

Here the Battle report:

Year 10.000 BC (or maybe 1912?) somewhere in a lost valley...

The Croods were on alert, the time for the hunt was nearby, they should find more food than usual, because the young Ryu, Ran and the child Don, joined the tribe.
Grug, the Chieftain of the Tribe and father of Eep, Sandy and Tonco, looked with pride at his sons and his woman Ugga, all were ready for the hunt. He looked with distrust to the young hunter Guy... He never really liked that boy, maybe he was not strong enough to be the worthy mate for her precious daughter...

Overview of the board:

The Ornithomimus (herd grazers) and a pack of Compsognathus (critters with savagery 6+)

A Styracosaurus mother (Giant Grazer with Bulk 6) with two puppies (bulk 2 each)

a pack of Velociraptors (Small big lizards with the new rules)

a Pachycephalosaurus (Herd Grazer with bulk 3)

A Stegosaurus (Giant Grazer with bulk 5)

Momma Dino (Old big lizard with the new rules)

The Croods stealthily move towards their preys.

Ugga and her sons Tonco and Sandy attack the prey. The beast is wounded.
Grug: "Be careful! The beast is strong, do not underestimate him..."

Eep and Guy attack the herd grazers, two are wounded but flees.
Eep: "The food flees! 
Guy: "Let's take him!"

Ran kill one of the wounded animals, while Eep chases the fleeing herd grazers.
Ran: "The first kill of the day is mine!"
Guy: "Well done Ran! But be careful to those little critters, they could eat our food!"

the prey of Ugga and her sons stampede, and all of them are woundes, then they choice to ignore the fleeing beast and move towards the herd grazers...
Grug: "The big animal is gone, ignore him and move to find an easier prey..."

The hunters continue to chases the herd grazers, they keep to run away. Meanwhile, Grug and the other continue to move.

The critters seem interested about the dead prey, one of them attack Ugga!
Ugga: "These little voracious things are trying to steal our prey!"
meanwhile the youngers are still chasing the fleeing preys

one of the herd grazers is killed by Guy.
Guy: "More meat for our tribe!"

The critters continue to attack the hunters.
Tonco: "Tonco is tired of these little guys!"

Unlucky, Don is KO during the fight with two critters, but two critters are KO too.
Grug: "Don is wounded! You can rest child, we will continue the hunt for you too..."

The young hunters are chasing the fleeing preys.
Ran: "They could not flee forever!"

The critters try again to attack the hunters, but one is killed by Guy.
Guy: "It's small, but it is still good food, better than nothing..."

Finally, Eep kill another of the fleeing preys, then the Croods will have enough food to eat.
Grug: "Well done, hunters, we will have enough meat for some time... now we can return to our cave to feed an rest..."

 meanwhile, some of the voracious critters attack the fleeing wounded lizard.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018