Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cult of Harakhte - Marauders of Chaos (Tzeentch) warband

Here my warband of Chaos Marauders (from Border Town Burning unofficial supplement) for Mordheim. I painted it in 2009.

The Background of this warband, is an ancient Tzeentch/Eagle cult (cult of Harakhthe) from the city of Numas (where living and undead live together) in Nehekhara. I used an egyptian style, with some conversions in "Thousand Sons" design.

My Chaos Marauders' Chieftain & Familiar
NeRiGaL al-Jinn al Numas abd Harakhte, leader of the Cult of Harakhthe (Tzeentch) from the city of Numas (kingdom of Nehekhara)

Neferia, the Seer of the warband and two marauders:

Two beastmen (Khnum & Tanis) and a champion (Apophis):

Nun the Condemded and two Marauders (Amir & Melchior) with bow:

Sekhmet (champion) and his two warhounds Ammit & Sobek:

a new hero (after gaining experience):

another beastman:

Marauders of Chaos:

Chaos Spawn:

Adisa, a "Witch" (soldier of fortune) that I could use in the warband:

Giacomo Goldoni an imperial assassin (soldier o fortune):

some pictures of complete warband:

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Realm of Chaos - Nurgle Warband

Here the last three zombies for my Realm of Chaos Nurgle Warband. Sure, I will add more followers, but for now the warband is complete. Sacred number of Nurgle: 7

The whole warband:

Friday, 29 May 2015

Beastmen and Nurglins

Here the last two beastmen and 7 nurglins for the bloodbowl team I'm painting as commission for a friend:

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My collection of unpainted Oldhammer miniatures

Here almost all of my collection of unpainted third edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures.
Most of these miniatures are nice trades and some buy done in the oldhammer forum, oldhammer trading company and oldhammer italia mercatino (and some few on evil bay)  ;)

Now I MUST paint ALL :D


Here the orcs I painted for my Warhammer Bestiary.
I use these models for my random monster encounters' during the mordheim skirmish.

I'm faithful to the original background, when orcs and goblins didn't reproduced with spores, so there were many female orcs and half orcs too

I modified a barbarian miniature from Laughing Monk (Shadowforge). I simple included a new right hand with axe, a pair of fangs (with green stuff) and some severed heads.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

XII century (about 1180-1206) Hospitaller Knights

Here my 28mm XII century (about 1180-1206) Hospitallers I painted some years ago (maybe in 2008) for Warhammer Ancient Battles (and maybe Impetus), at that time I didn't use citadel washes:

Hospitaller Sergeants from Gripping Beast

Hospitaller Knights from Perry Miniatures (with some little conversions)

 This picture above is hosted in the wargame's rulebook "Deus Vult" from FireForge Games, page 36

Master of the Order, from Gripping Beast

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bloodbowl Dark Elf

Here a vintage bloodbowl dark elf I painted in 2009, but never used it in my bloodbowl team.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Chaos Team (Slaanesh) "Feral Pink Maidens"

Here my Bloodbowl Chaos Team (Slaanesh) "Feral Pink Maidens" done in 2009 (I  played three leagues):

 "Fat Bastard" coach and owner of the team, with a cheerleader and bloodweiser girl


Chaos Warrior and Captain of the Team

Chaos Warriors


the team

Dark Elf Villagers

Today I painted another dark elf villager, here the guy with the yet painted female villager with crow:

My Undead Warband

Here my first warband I painted for Mordheim some years ago (probably in 2009-10), an undead warband. All the miniatures are vintage.

 The Vampire (I used an oldhammer chaos champion)

The Necromancer (I used an oldhammer sorcerer)

The Dregs (I used some oldhammer chaos sorcerers)

The whole warband (I used the wraiths as ghouls and the skeletons as zombies)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dark Elf Villager

Here a Dark Elf Villager I painted tonight. It is a miniature from Turnkey Miniatures.
This will be the first of 6 Dark Elf villagers I will paint for my Oldhammer Realm of Chaos narrative campaign. Maybe some chaos warbands will pillage and burn their village ;)


Here more of my painted miniatures using wash back in 2009 year (when I beginned to use the washes and not only highlights). At that time I wanted to use these miniatures in Hero Quest, so I included some HQ bases.

Succubes from Reaper miniatures

Succubes from Heresy Miniatures

The highlights are few and simple, maybe one day I will repaint them or add more highlitghts.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Hero Quest Miniatures

My first love: Hero Quest. The game that introduce myself in the world of miniatures, wargames and role playing games.
I still have my original HQ, with an english version I bought some years ago to complete the pieces I lost during the years.
My favourite miniature was the Chaos Warrior.
Here the Hero Quest miniatures I painted in 2009 (the first miniatures I painted using citadel washes too):

I painted all the miniatures from the HQ base game, but here I include only pictures of one miniature for each type of monster.

In italy there is a good community of fans of HQ, here the website: