Monday, 25 May 2015

My Undead Warband

Here my first warband I painted for Mordheim some years ago (probably in 2009-10), an undead warband. All the miniatures are vintage.

 The Vampire (I used an oldhammer chaos champion)

The Necromancer (I used an oldhammer sorcerer)

The Dregs (I used some oldhammer chaos sorcerers)

The whole warband (I used the wraiths as ghouls and the skeletons as zombies)


  1. I really like the colour choices. They're simple, but they mean the warband is striking and definitely "together".

  2. Thanks :) At the beginning I liked to use simple paint schemes, now I'm enjoying more colourful ones. However I still like this warband's paint scheme. Especially the "Vampire". Probably, soon or later, I will repaint some miniatures and only leave the "vampire" model.

  3. I've seen these elsewhere, but a pleasure to see them again and you starting up a blog. Great choice of models tied together with the robes and the colour choice too. Might well try something similar with my own old nurgle models. Count me in as a follower..

  4. Thanks :) Yes I infest many forums everywhere with my old and new painted miniatures (BTB forum, LAF, oldhammer forum etc) ;)
    However after seeing some really nice blogs I finally have decided that I must use one too. This will help to host my pictures in only one place. I've a Deviant Art account too, but DA it's not the right place for painted miniatures and if I must include a Battle Report or write something more I could not do it.