Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Vintage army of Chaos Renegades

Here my painted army of Chaos Renegades, that I called "The Karnophages".
I painted it about 14 years ago. At that time I used the Alpha legion army list.
I used some cultists too and genestealers (proxies for demons). My idea it was a group of CSM with the genetic seed of genestealrs and so members of a Genestealer Cult.

I did the mistake of using a glossy protective spray over the miniatures, so some are too glossy

The Magus, used with the cultists

 The "Patriarch"
The ArchMagus

 The Chaos Renegades

I have some genestealers and cultists too, but I didn't paint personally these models, so I don't include them here.

I don't play to WH40k from years, so I never finished the army with the models I still have: many metal OOP genestealers and cultists with genestealer hybrids.
Maybe one day, if I will play again to WH40k I will paint these miniature and could consider to repaint the old miniatures.

Several months ago, I've find the time to paint a new vintage CSM, using my old paint scheme, but with my updated skills (especially the use of washes, that I didn't use over 10 years ago)
 I've included one old painted miniature (left) with the new one (right)

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