Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Hero Quest Miniatures

My first love: Hero Quest. The game that introduce myself in the world of miniatures, wargames and role playing games.
I still have my original HQ, with an english version I bought some years ago to complete the pieces I lost during the years.
My favourite miniature was the Chaos Warrior.
Here the Hero Quest miniatures I painted in 2009 (the first miniatures I painted using citadel washes too):

I painted all the miniatures from the HQ base game, but here I include only pictures of one miniature for each type of monster.

In italy there is a good community of fans of HQ, here the website:


  1. Thanks, not my best paint jobs, but not bad, especially the gargoyle and barbarian ;)

    1. I think you are forgetting that chaos warrior as well. Those eyes look especially menacing.

  2. wonderful! I especially like the Fimir and gargoyle