Thursday, 28 May 2015

My collection of unpainted Oldhammer miniatures

Here almost all of my collection of unpainted third edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures.
Most of these miniatures are nice trades and some buy done in the oldhammer forum, oldhammer trading company and oldhammer italia mercatino (and some few on evil bay)  ;)

Now I MUST paint ALL :D


  1. Cute. Keep trying. Your not a real Collector until you have 200+ unpainted figures for each main army in the Warhammer Armies book! Sometimes I look at my lead addiction pile and I just ask why! :)

  2. No, I will never collect too much miniatures :) I'm just trading or buying what I think I will paint and use in my oldhammer games ;) These miniatures will be fine to complete my 5 realm of chaos warbands and create my "Heroes for Dungeonquest" warband too :D