Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cult of Harakhte - Marauders of Chaos (Tzeentch) warband

Here my warband of Chaos Marauders (from Border Town Burning unofficial supplement) for Mordheim. I painted it in 2009.

The Background of this warband, is an ancient Tzeentch/Eagle cult (cult of Harakhthe) from the city of Numas (where living and undead live together) in Nehekhara. I used an egyptian style, with some conversions in "Thousand Sons" design.

My Chaos Marauders' Chieftain & Familiar
NeRiGaL al-Jinn al Numas abd Harakhte, leader of the Cult of Harakhthe (Tzeentch) from the city of Numas (kingdom of Nehekhara)

Neferia, the Seer of the warband and two marauders:

Two beastmen (Khnum & Tanis) and a champion (Apophis):

Nun the Condemded and two Marauders (Amir & Melchior) with bow:

Sekhmet (champion) and his two warhounds Ammit & Sobek:

a new hero (after gaining experience):

another beastman:

Marauders of Chaos:

Chaos Spawn:

Adisa, a "Witch" (soldier of fortune) that I could use in the warband:

Giacomo Goldoni an imperial assassin (soldier o fortune):

some pictures of complete warband:

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