Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Void Watchers Eldar

Here the first eldar of my Void Watchers warband. I remember when I saw for the first time the eldars. They were in the expansion of Space Crusade. At that time I didn't know that under their helm they were space elves, and their armor had an alien look that intrigued me... I never liked the new design of the eldars (especially the guardians) from the 4rd edition until now. Initially I considered to paint my eldar warband with the space crusade paint scheme (alaitoc craftworld), but I found the paint scheme of the Void Watchers really interesting, and I did not see anybody to use it, then I chose it ;)


  1. Reed here, from the Lead Adventure Forum. I've just discovered your blog and now I have reading material and eye candy for many many days. Seeing all your works you must have a HUGE lead pile (or even mountain).

  2. Welcome in my realm :) Yes I've painted hundreds of miniatures from 2009 until now, and still hundreds to paint, but I opened the blog just last year. I've seen that you have opened a blog too, I visited it and joined it just few minutes ago ;)

  3. Where did you find the artwork of the Void Watchers? It's awesome!

    P.S. I also just found your site from your post on the Facebook Oldhammer page. I have two blogspot sites: The Pouncing Tiger (thepouncingtiger.blogspot.com) and Let the Wookee Win (let-the-wookee-win.blogspot.com)

    1. I found that picture while surfing on internet. It's a picture of the original artwork done for the OOP WH40k Epic box.