Friday, 3 June 2016

Inquisitor Arago, Lord of the Nether Realm & Mouth of the Emperor

Here my Inquisitor Arago, Lord of the Nether Realm and Mouth of the Emperor. He is a Horusian, one of the most extreme of the radical factions of the Inquisition. This miniature is a simple conversion of the old Lord of the Rings "Mouth of Sauron" (I just included two grenades, pistol with holster and a seal of purity).

I painted him ispired by the paint scheme of Talpa, the villain of the 1988-89 Ronin Warriors cartoon :D


  1. A good idea, done well. Great painting, and a cool concept from the cartoon.

    1. Thanks :) As his followers I will paint some miniatures with the paint scheme of the 4 Dark Lords and Kayura ;)

  2. I didn't know about the anime but the darkened scheme really fits the miniature.

  3. Very effective conversion, with a nice paint job.

  4. Wow, excellent work here, the reconversion of the character is great!!