Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Battle Report: The Smugglers

Some days ago I played another nice Pulp Alley game with my usual player.
We are playing a Campaign, this is the second scenario we played.
He used my Jokerz gang while I played with my Netherworld Cabal ( Radical Horusian Inquisitors).
As usual I will include a new turn for each new post.

41 millenium, Somewhere in the deep jungle of a death world far away from a colonial outpost.

Stephen, the Rogue Informant, was sweating visibly, he could not see the face of the creepy inquisitor but he could feel his intimidatory gaze...
Stephen: "F-forgive me Inquisitor... I swear it! I didn't want to deceive you, I have informations about the Key of Graciale... b-but I'm not the guy who have this precious information... I j-just know who have that information... m-m-maybe I was not clear from the beginning...."
The Inquisitor was annoyed, but not surprised... often this type of scum could not be reliable...
Arago: "Speak... quickly..."
Stephen "Y-yes! The guy is a smuggler captain, he said to me when he was drunk that he know something about the legendary Key of Graciale..."
Arago: "...Something?" the voice of the inquisitor was dangerously hissing...
Stephen "Y-yes! I could guide you to the secret place of this guy! B-but he don't like imperials, he surely will not welcome us..."
Arago: "The inquisition is never welcomed" Praise the Emperor, at least you will live another day to serve him..."

Netherworld Cabal (my league)
Perk (3):  Well Armed, Company of Heroes

Leader (0): Inquisitor Arago, the Mouth of the Emperor
H d10 B 3d10 S 4d10 D 2d8 M 3d10 F 3d8 C 3d10
Abilities: Intimidating, Ispiring, Commander
Optional Kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Heavy

Sidekick (3): Kayura, the Amazon Warrior
H d8 B 5d8 S 2d6 D 4d8 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Quick Strike, Fierce, Moxie
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Daimon the Renegade Chaos Champion
H d8 B 5d8 S - D 2d6 M 5d8 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Brute, Animal, Bodyguard
Optional Kit: Fantasy
Weapon kit: Heavy

Ally (2): Krana, the Rogue Eldar
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 4d6 C 1d6
Ability: Speedy, Savvy, Daredevil
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Kratos, the Rogue Grey Knight
H d6 B 2d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 4d6 C 1d6
Ability: Armored, Marksman
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Rajura, the Renegade Dark Eldar
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 31d6 F 3d6 C 1d6
Ability: Speedy, Eagle Eyed
Optional kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Submachine Gun

Models: 6 figures

lvl 1 Backups:
The Sheriff Natalia Shoot 2d6

Trixie the Xenos Hooker ( "The smuggler captain owe me some money" ) Dodge 2d6

Stephen the Rogue Informant Dodge 2d6
(the guy in the left)

The Jokerz (the league used from my player)
Perk (3): Resourceful, Keen senses, Well Armed

Leader (0): Joker
H d10 B 2d8 S 4d10 D 4d10 M 2d8 F 4d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Speedy, Lucky Devil, Agile, Trick
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Harley Quinn
H d8 B 4d8 S 3d8 D 4d6 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Speedy, Agile, Moxie
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

x2 Allies (4): Deilia & Deidra, the Dee Dee Sisters
H d6 B 3d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Agile, Savvy
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Models: 4 figures

Smugglers Hostile Bystanders: 
3 Humans and one Mutant: Shoot 2d6
Beastman: 2d6 Brawl

Major Plot point and Hostile Bystander: The Smuggler Captain

Minor Plot point: The Gold Statuette

Minor Plot Point: The Sleeping(?) Dark Eldar

Minor Plot point and perilious area: Skull altar and Cthellean Cudbear

Minor Plot Point: relic

overview of the board:

The inquisition win the iniatiative.
overview of the deployment of the leagues:


The Inquisitor and his retinue move to the smugglers.
Arago: "We don't need the henchmen, terminate them all..."
Kratos: "As you wish, Lord Arago."

Arago and Kratos open fire to the beastman and one of the humans, but the scum is lucky and survive to their shots.
Smuggler Captain "We are under attack! Imperials? No, it's worse! The Inquisition! Fight for your lives!"  >:(

Kayura move and try to win the challenge for the minor plot point but fail.
Kayura: "Damn! Seem that this relic is glued to the ground!"  :-[

Daimon move and win the challenge for the Sleeping(?) Dark Eldar.
Daimon: "Wake up dark eldar, it's not the right place to sleep... mh, seem that you weren't sleeping after all..."

meanwhile, Krana and Rajura move and take position in the sides of the smuggler's camp.

Dee Dee move and try to win her challenge but fail.
Dee Dee: "Ops, butter hands!" :-X

The Joker move behind a cover and wait.
Joker: "Welly welly well... let our friends play together, then all the toys will be mine when they will finish! AhAhahahAh!!"  lol

Dee Dee move and fail to win the peril of the alien bear, she is down and will not recover in the next turn.
Dee Dee "Ouch! This teddy bear is really unfriendly!"  :'(
Harley Quinn do the same, she avoid the attacks of the monster but could not win the challenge.
Harley Quinn "Don't worry sugar! Your mommy will teach good manners to this cute but rude big puppy!"  ;)


The Inquisitor and his retinue move to the smuggler captain and his henchmen.
Arago win the hostile bystander challenge and the smuggler captain major point is him.
Arago: "Submit yourself to the will of the Emperor and you could save your soul, maybe your life too..."
Smuggler Captain "Please don't kill me! I Surrender!"  :(
The other smugglers are terminated by the Inquisitor retinue but the sheriff Natalia is KO and Rajura is down (but he will recover in the next turn).

meanwhile Kayura finally win her challenge and the relic is hers.
Kayura: "It was embarassing, but at least I take this capricious relic..."

the Joker is disappointed, he hoped that the inquisition could suffer more damage from the smugglers,
he shoot but nothing happens. Nobody is injured.
Joker: "What a disappointment! There are no longer the hard smugglers of the old times... Then I suppose I should do the big work myself..." :-[

Harley Quinn win the perilious area and challenge, the minor plot point is finally hers.
Harley Quinn "Be quiet big puppy! Now your precious collection of skulls is mine!"  :D

Dee Dee fails again to win her challenge.
Dee Dee: "This is embarassing... but funny!" :? :)


The Joker hide himself behind a bush.
Joker: "It's so boring when the game don't work as planned, then I will wait the next move of my players..."
Dee Dee finally win her challenge and the statuette is hers.
Dee Dee: "Cheers! I won a statuette!" :D

Harley Quinn try to avoid the bear but she fail.
Harley Qunn: "Quiet big puppy! Quiet! Don't be angry with me teddy bear! We could be nice friends."  :? ;)

The Inquisitor and his retinue take position on the smuggler's camp and give orders to his followers.
Arago: "The smugglers are defeated and their captain is in our hands... However I could not tolerate the presence of those heretics... Finish them!"

Kayura, Daimon, Krana and Rajura obey to the inquisitor order and run to the jokerz.


Rajura move and shoot to Harley, but he fail and he is down and will not recover in the next turn.
Harley Quinn finally free herself from the claws of the teddy bear, she move and shoot to the incoming Krana.
Krana is down  and will not recover in the next turn, but Harley receive a wound.
However Harley is charged by Kayura and she is down too (but will recover in the next turn).
Harley Quinn: "Ouch! This is not fair! I yet played with two of your friends, then you joined in the game! Three againt only one?! You cheated!"  :-X :-[
Kayura: "In war there are no rules, then shut up and stay down..."

Daimon charge Dee dee and defeat her, however she will recover in the next turn.
Dee Dee: "Sob! You are a bad guy, how you could hurt a little cute girl as me?"  :'(
Diamon: "The enemies of the inquisition don't deserve pity... especially clowns as you"

The joker shoot to Daimon, injuring him.
The Joker: "Good words for a bad guy! Allow me to show my appreciation with some bullets!" :D

The Inquisitor and his retinue scrutinize the battle from the small hill.
Arago: "Soon our victory will be complete... the minions of chaos will be defeated and we will continue with our sacred quest..."


Kayura defeat again Harley Quinn, she is down again.
Kayura: "Now you should finally shut up, Am I right?"
Harley Quinn "Hey! I've right for my last jokes!"  :?

The Joker charge Daimon and defeat him, Dee Dee win the challenge and the minor plot point is again hers.
Joker: "Are you happy my little girl? Your daddy punished the bad kid that had stolen your dolly, then take it and we will return at home with your mommy and sister.
For today... That's all folks!"  :D
Dee Dee: "Thank you Mr J! You are the best boss!"  :)

Arago: "The unbelievers are retreating... they are defeated... Then we could finally query our prisoner...
For his sake he should give us good news... I will not tolerate false informations again..."

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