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Battle Report: The feudal village

The sixth scenario of my rogue trader (Pulp Alley rules) campaign I played months ago.


somewhere inside a ship in orbit of a feudal world.

the Inquisitor looked to the star map from the ship's monitors.
The star coordinates were correct. The ancient writings from the ruined temple were accurate.
Finally they had found the world where the Key of Graciale was hidden.
The legend told that hundreds of years ago an old sorcerer came from a warp gate in the feral world of Issus (now know as the colony world of "Somewhere").
He used the Key of Graciale to awaken ALL the undead of Issus and with this huge army he tried to conquest the feral world.
Almost all of the inhabitants of Issus were exterminated and reborn as undead... However the Sorcerer was finally defeated from some native heroes.
Seriously injured, the Sorcerer fled from Issus through the Warp Gate, returning in his home planet. Without the power of the Key of Graciale, the undead on Issus collapsed and the few survivors were saved. However the native heroes chased the evil sorcerer in his home planet. They finally destroyed him and buried his remains and the Key of Graciale in a secret place, then they returned on Issus through the Warp Gate, few moments before it closed forever...
The Inquisitor was satisfied, it was a long and tortuous journey but they had reached the planet of the Sorcerer.
Arago: "It's a curious fate's joke that the world we were looking is your native planet, Daimon... What is the name of your feudal world?"
Daimon: "You are right, my lord. It's really a twist of fate. The planet is not under a single flag, then every country may call it by different names... however we know it as the "WARHAMMER world"..."
Arago: "A corrupt world, almost completely contaminated by chaos, devoid of the benevolent protection of the Imperium... I'm surprised that the Inquisition didn't ordered the Exterminatus... but probably few know the star coordinates of this almost unknown distant planet... This is good, we should begin our duty without too much external interference..."

Netherworld Cabal (my league)
Perk (3): Well Armed, Company of Heroes

Leader (0): Inquisitor Arago, the Mouth of the Emperor
H d10 B 3d10 S 4d10 D 2d8 M 3d10 F 3d8 C 3d10
Abilities: Intimidating, Ispiring, Commander
Optional Kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Heavy

Sidekick (3): Kayura, the Amazon Warrior
H d8 B 5d8 S 2d6 D 4d8 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Quick Strike, Fierce, Moxie
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Daimon the Renegade Chaos Champion
H d8 B 5d8 S - D 2d6 M 5d8 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Brute, Animal, Bodyguard
Optional Kit: Fantasy
Weapon kit: Heavy

Ally (2): Krana, the Rogue Eldar
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 4d6 C 1d6
Ability: Speedy, Savvy, Daredevil, Sharp
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Kratos, the Rogue Grey Knight
H d8 B 3d6 S 3d6 D - M 3d8 F 4d6 C 1d6
Ability: Armored, Marksman, Big, Fierce
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Rajura, the Renegade Dark Eldar
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 3d6 C 1d6
Ability: Speedy, Eagle Eyed
Optional kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Submachine Gun

Models: 6 figures

lvl 1 Backup:
The Sheriff Natalia
H d6* B 1d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

The Jokerz (the league used from my player)
Perk (0): None

Leader (0): Joker
H d10 B 2d8 S 4d10 D 4d10 M 2d8 F 4d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Speedy, Lucky Devil, Agile, Trick
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Harley Quinn
H d8 B 4d8 S 3d8 D 4d6 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Speedy, Agile, Moxie
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

x2 Allies (4): Deilia & Deidra, the Dee Dee Sisters
H d6 B 3d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Agile, Savvy, Fierce
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Harleen
H d6 B 3d6 S 4d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Fierce, Marksman
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Follower (1): Jolly
H d6* B - S - D 4d6 M 1d6 F 3d6 C 2d6
Ability: Animal, Sly
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 figures

Overview of the board:

The village with bystanders and the major plot point (Altar of Skulls)

Minor plot point (villager in peril) and perilious area (wolves):

Minor plot point (Hunter) and perilious area (werewolf):

Minor plot point: tomb from the cemetery
Special: when the minor plot point is won,
3 zombie will rise from their graves and will move (but not run) or rush toward the nearest character,
from the beginning of the next turn.

Minor plot point: lost child

Perilious area: snake on the bridge

Deployment of the leagues:


Harleen and Harley Quinn run toward the lone hunter fighting with the werewolf.
Harleen: "Hi oldie, we are here to rescue you!"  😊
Hunter: "I do not think that some young women from a wandering carnival could fight this unholy beast  :?... and I'm not an old man..." 😒

The Jolly run to the tomb minor plot point.
Jolly: "I don't like cemeteries, they are too quiet..."  😓

The Joker quickly run behind a tree near the major plot point, Krana and Rajura run near it too.
Joker: "I'm sorry my eldar brothers, but this booty will be mine, an mine alone!" 😁

Kayura run to the villager in peril minor plot point.
Kayura: "Do not worry farmer, I will help you..."

Kratos and the Sheriff move in the village, trying to convert some villagers, but they fail.
Blacksmith: "I'm sorry, young lady, but I can't leave my work for help your group of weird strangers..."

The Inquisitor run to the minor plot point lost child, while Daimon cover him. The Dee Dee Sisters run too to aid the Joker.
Arago:"Child... You should not be alone in the forest... evil creatures hide themselves in the darkness..."
Lost Child: "My mommy said I don't must talk to strangers... and you are a scary stranger too"😒


The Joker win the challenge for the major plot point. He is shot from Kratos but dodge it.
Joker: "It's time to go!"  😀
The Dee Dee Sisters move and fire to Daimon. Daimon is down but will recover a Dee Dee is KO.
Dee Dee: "The big bad guy is down!  :D But Dee Dee is out of the game... This is soooo sad!" 😢
Krana and Rajura move to stop the flee of the Joker, they open fire. Krana is down but will recover.
Rajura: "Are you trying to go somewhere, clown?"  😈
The Inquisitor win the minor challenge lost child and the Sheriff move.
Arago: "I usually don't have time to help civilians, but you could follow me, I will protect you... for now..."

Kayura win the minor plot point villager in peril and avoid the perilious area.
Kayura: "Now you are safe... follow me if you want to live, farmer..."
Villager: "Thank you my lady! You are really a strong warrior  😲... I didn't know that women could be fine warriors too..."

Harley and Harleen fail to win the challenge with the werewolf. Harleen is down but will recover.
Harley Quinn: "You big bad wolfie! You hurt my daughter! Baaaaaad Wolfie! BAD!"  😬

The Jolly try to win the challenge for the minor plot point tomb, but fail.
Jolly: "Ouch! Stupid tombstone! You will not stop me!" 😣


The Joker dodge most of the shots and fire himself too.
Joker: "Fools" This time nothing will stop me. The trasure is mine, and mine alone!AhaHaahahaAhahah!" 😂
Rajura is KO and Krana is down. Dee is down too.
The Inquisitor and his retinue move near the joker.
Arago: "You are pestiferous and annoying! You always try to hinder us just for your crazy fun!"

Kayura run toward the inquisitor, looking to give aid to her master.
Kayura: "Women and children everywhere in this village... " 😩

the Jolly win the minor plot point but the zombie arise.
Jolly: "What?! Walking dead! Heeeeeelppppppppppp!!!" 😱

Harley and Harleen continue to fail the werewolf perilious area.
Harleen is KO and will not recover.
Harleen: "The big bad wolfie hurts me..." 😢


The zombie attack the Jolly, but he dodge them all.
Jolly "Don't try to touch me, you creepy guys!"  😧

The Joker flee with his major plot point.
Joker: "Try to  get me, if you can!" 😀

Harley Quinn decide to dodge the last werewolf challenge but she is hit by a good shot from Krana, either are KO.
Hunter: "As I yet said:young women could not fight this beast"
Harley Quinn "Oh, shut up oldie!" 😫

Dee Dee is down, but will recover. Daimon is surprised by a beggar bystander and he is KO.
Beggar: "Pleaaaase, have you some money for a poor old?"  😰
Daimon: "I have not money with me, old man...  :? Hey! What are you trying to do with that stick? Ouch!" 😨
then the beggar is defeated and KO by Kratos.
Kratos: "Old fool! Take this kick and go away! Daimon, how embarassing, be defeated from a old beggar..."  😞
Daimon: "Ouch! I was seriously injured and he took me by surprise and in a weak spot too!"  😞

The sheriff run, trying to reach the Joker.
The Sheriff: "I had forgotten how fast could be the eldars!"  😩

Kayura move one the snake perilious area without problems.
Kayura: "A simple snake is not a real threat for me..." 😔


Unexpectedly, the Joker move and open fire to the Inquisitor. He is defeated by the combined shots of the inquisitor and his retinue and he is down, losing the major plot point.
Then the Major plot poin is taken by the Inquisitor.
Arago: "Fool! You have done a fatal mistake! You have paid a heavy price for your arrogance."
The Joker: "I don't care! I like to gamble." 😁
Dee Dee is KO and will not recover.
Dee Dee: "Oh no! I'm again out of the game! It's so annoying!"  😫

Kayura move toward the Joker.
Kayura: "The clown is down, good maybe I will help him to stay down!"

The Jolly continue to dodge the attacks of the zombies.
Jolly: "These undead are really stubborn!"


Kayura charge the weakened Joker, she defeat him and he is down.
Kayura: "The victory was yet yours. You could just flee, but you chosen to fight us... silly but admirable..."
Sheriff: "Save your respect for someone who really deserves it... This is not courage, just madness..."
Joker: "I suppose that the red girl is right! AhaAhahaAhahahAhahaha!  😂

The Inquisitor win the minor plot point Hunter.
Arago: "You don't need to fight this unholy beast anymore, return to your village..."
Hunter: "You have my gratitude, my lord"

The Jolly dodge all the attack of the zombies and move away.
Jolly: "What? My master is defeated! Then I should flee with the treasure before it's too late!"

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