Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Battle Report: The Farm

the fifth scenario of my new rogue trader campaign I played last Sunday.

borderline world of Issus (called "Somewhere" by the settlers): an isolated farm
Abraham was busy with his hard work, the sheeps needed their meal and his son was with him as usual.
Then his routine was interrupted by an unexpected visit: the Priest of the Church.
The priest seemed tired, as he was running away from someone, Abraham offered to him some fresh water.
Magus: "May the Patriarch bless you, brother Abraham! I really needed some fresh water... I'm sorry to disturb you and your beautiful family, but I'm in trouble, a crazy harlequin kidnapped me and I was lucky enough to flee... but now he is chasing me, and maybe could arrive some imperial unbelievers too... I contacted some of my brothers, but they could arrive too late to rescue me... please, I ask your hospitality!"
Abraham could not ignore a direct request by the priest, as many other cultists he was a devout believer.
Abraham: "Sure, you could stay in my modest house and there waiting your brothers... You are our guest now..."
Then, after the priest left him, Abraham returned to his work, while his three arms son affectionately smiled at him with his sharp teeth...

Overview of the board & deployment of leagues:

Major plot point (and Hostile Bystander): Genestealer Magus

Minor plot point and Hostile Bystander: Farmer & Hybrid son

Minor plot point and Hostile Bystander: Mother with Hybrid baby

Minor plot point and Hostile Bystander: Genestealer

Minor plot point and Hostile Bystander: Genestealer

The Leagues:

Adeptus Arbites (my league)
Perks (3): Tenacious, Keen Senses

Leader (0): Judge Baltar Griffin
H d10 B 3d10 S 3d10 D 3d8 M 3d10 F 3d8 C 3d10
Abilities: Commander, Deductive, Veteran, Indomitable, Iron Will
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Proctor Carla Reed
H d8 B 3d6 S 4d8 D 3d8 M 2d6 F 4d8 C 2d6
Ability: Dashing, Quick Shot, Marksman, Deadeye
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Enforcer Lorenzo "Eight-Ball" Delacroix
H d6 B 1d6 S 4d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman, Eagle Eyed, Sharp
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Bill "Giant" Marenga
H d6 B 3d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Brute, Fierce
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Antoine Goodman
H d6 B 2d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 2d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman
Optional Kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Submachine gun

Ally (2): Scribe Ezechiel Alvarez
H d6 B 1d6 S - D 3d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 4d6
Ability: Animal, Crafty
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 Figures.

Backup: Imperial Guard Gang
H - B 3d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Armed

The Jokerz (the league used by my player)
Perk (0): None

Leader (0): Joker
H d10 B 2d8 S 4d10 D 4d10 M 2d8 F 4d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Speedy, Lucky Devil, Agile, Trick, Indomitable, Dashing
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Harley Quinn
H d8 B 4d8 S 3d8 D 4d6 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Speedy, Agile, Moxie, Muscle of Steel
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

x2 Allies (4): Deilia & Deidra, the Dee Dee Sisters
H d6 B 3d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Agile, Savvy, Fierce
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Harleen
H d6 B 3d6 S 4d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Fierce, Marksman, Daredevil, Eagle Eyed
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Jolly
H d6 B - S - D 5d6 M 1d6 F 4d6 C 2d6
Ability: Animal, Sly
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 figures

Backup: Shooter
H d6* B 1d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

The Batte Report:

Harley Quinn win the minor plot point Mother with hybrid baby.
Harley Quinn: "What a nice ugly baby you have! You should be a proud mother!" 😄

The imperial guard gang is yet KO. Reed win the minor plot point Farmer with hybrid son.
Proctor Reed: "You are under arrest! You and your abomination are guilty of heresy and betrayal!"😠 Farmer: "You are wrong, only the Patriarch could judge us."

The Scribe win the minor plot point Genestealer.
Scribe Alvarez: "A Genestealer! This is not good..."  😞

The Joker win the major plot point Magus, then the genestealer cult league arrive to rescue him.
Hierarch: "The Magus is in danger! We must save him!"

Dee Dee sisters, a gang of hybrids, Giant, Goodman, 8-Ball and the Shooter backup are all KO.
Judge: "Joker! Do the right thing for once! Give us the prisoner... he is a serious threat!" 😠
Joker: "AahahahaAhahahah!  😂 Doing the right thing? Are you joiking?" 😀

The Jolly win the other minor plot point Genestealer.
Jolly: "Why I should face a big genestealer alone? I'm too small for this!" 😓

The Joker flee away with his prisoner, while Harley Quinn cover him.
Joker: "I'm too fast for you slow imperial snails!" 😁

The cult run, chasing the Joker and ignoring the Arbites.
Judge: "Genestealer Hybrids everywhere! This is much worse than I feared!"

The last hybrid gang is KO

Reed is shot by Harleen, then lose her farmer prisoner. Then the familiar try to free the farmer, but fail.
Farmer: "Sorry little brother, but aren't you too small to save me and my son?" 😕

The Joker continue to flee in the next two turns, always chased and shot by the Hierarch and Ogryn Hybrid.
Hierarch: "Vile Infidel! Don't flee anymore and accepts my challenge!" 😬
Joker: "I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid!" 😁

The Jolly win the minor plot point farmer but he is KO by the Judge and lose the genestealer minor plot point too.
Judge: "I will not let these abominations to be taken from you, little daub!" 😠
Then the familiar finally free the farmer and his son.
Farmer: "Thank you, little brother!"  😌

The familiar is defeated and lose the farmer, then the Judge finally take him again.
Judge: "You are my prisoners, you must answer to many questions..."
Harleen is finally defeated by Reed.
Reed: "Now you are down, girlie!" 😈

The scribe is down and lose his genestealer minor plot point.
Scribe: "This is not good..." 😕
The Joker and Harley Quinn continue to flee, the Hierarch is down after a good shot of the Joker.

Joker: "Cheers! I'm the winner! You was a bad little priest, why you fled from me? Don't you like our company? AhahahaAHahahaha!!" 😂

The Jokerz Gang hold the major plot point and a minor plot point, 4 victory points and win the scenario.
The Adeptus Arbites hold only one minot plot point, 1 victory poin.


  1. Your tables - and stories - are always awesome! Love this farmer and his hybrid son...

  2. And not to mention the miniatures here look beautiful ... very well painted.