Tuesday, 11 July 2017

G.I. Joe: COBRA Troopers (sunbow cartoon paint scheme)

I painted 5 more COBRA Troopers. This time I had two characters ispired from the sunbow cartoon: LT. Clay Moore and COBRA Female Trooper, then I chose to paint all the troopers with a brighter blue and with the hands and neck visible (as the COBRA cartoon version).

LT Clay Moore
 Female COBRA Trooper
 Sunbow Cartoon COBRA Troopers 

The full COBRA league


  1. Excellent work on your Cobras, the whole army looks fantastic together. :)

  2. Absolutely awesome. Applause!!

  3. Thanks :) Next I will paint Flint & Lady Jave and then Tomax & Xamot with 5 Crimson Guards ;)

  4. That group shot is simply an excellent showcase for your skills. Adding to Suber's applause!