Sunday, 6 May 2018

WARHAMMER 3rd edition Cover Warband

Finally I've found two miniatures that could be good as the companions of the warhammer guy. 
A bretonnian/feudal knight and an elf archer (with a weird face). I was looking to paint the same characters from the Warhammer 3rd edition cover, but I found only one miniature (a fighter with kettle hat) that was really done as a miniature (the warhamer guy is an oldhammer style sculpt done by Kev Adams in recent times). Then I should try to find some oldhammer miniatures with the same style of the characters in the cover.

The elf was painted trying to replicate the same paint scheme of the elf character in the back of rulebook.

 The knight was ispired by the feudal knight and paint scheme from the cover of the rulebook.


  1. Really nice work so far - hope you can find more to fill out the warband.

  2. I really admire your knowledge of the old ranges, that you can pick out the background figures and find a lead equivalent!

  3. The knight is superb. Is there a close up anywhere?