Wednesday, 5 December 2018

G.I. Joe COBRA Troopers

I included another trooper and officer in my two groups of COBRA Troopers, then here the pictures of them, a total of 12 blueshirts.


  1. Any idea what the rule is for red vs silver cobra emblem on the chest?
    Looks like 10 different sculpts for the rank and file? Or do you make some alterations?

    1. The officers should have black V symbol on the front of the helmet, and a silver cobra symbol. I used the classic action figure design for their paint scheme. The only real cobra officer's miniatures are the guys with binoculars, they have a rigid collar too. There was a cobra medic (with the white bag) that I painted as a cobra officer, maybe a low-ranking officer. The other are just cobra troopers.