Friday, 3 July 2015

Chaos Marauders & Warriors

Here more miniatures, the Chaos Marauders and Chaos Warriors (painted in 2009-10) for my mordheim bestiary:

Chaos Champion of Malal. Somebody remember the old fifth chaos god from old warhammer? ;)

A Kurgan Shamaness

Hung Marauder

Tzeentch Champion

Slaanesh Champion

 Nurgle Champion and Marauder

Norse Marauders

Kurgan Marauders (Khorne & Slaanesh)


  1. Some interesting miniatures there! But great paint as always.

  2. Sweet! Would love to know who produces some of those minis?

  3. in order from the first: RAFM, Maidenhead, Heresy, Ral Partha, x3 Reaper miniatures, Chronopia, Citadel again Reaper and a manufacturer I don't remember for the last slaanesh female warrior.