Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Warzone Resurrection: BROTHERHOOD Army

Im' a nostalgic fan of Mutant Chronicles from 1994-98 Target Games age. Warzone was my first wargame, later I played to WH40k, Warmachine & Hordes, LotR, Bloodbowl, Impetus and Mordheim... but WZ was always my first love ;)
So when Warzone Resurrection was finally available, I decided to play again in the dieselpunk/gothic universe of MC, using my loved Brotherhood. Here some miniatures I painted last year.

Brotherhood Trooper

the "Sheriff of Luna", The Cardinal Dominic:

squad of brotherhood troopers:

the  "light walker" Judicator. I've painted it with the classic paint scheme of the Inquisitors (black/red):

The Judicator is a cybernetic combat walker. When a member of the Second Directorate (with some art powers, usually Inquisitors) is crippled in combat the brother's body will be transferred into a Judicator, so he can fight again the Dark Legion. (like a SM dreadnought)

Here the complete painted brotherhood starter set:

the Lord Inquisitor Hanno Hamilkar:


another Inquisitor



Sacred Warrior:

squad of Sacred Warriors

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