Wednesday, 5 August 2015

[PA League] Baker Expedition

This is the first Pulp Alley league I painted last year. The Baker Expedition. A 193X archaeological expedition in Africa led by lord Baker.

Baker Expedition 
Perk (2): Company of Heroes

Leader (0): Lord Richard Francis Baker
British Archeologist and Adventurer
H d10 B 3d10 S 3d8 D 3d10 M 2d8 F 2d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Wealthy, Deductive, Crafty

Sidekick (3): Laura Baker
Adventurer and Archeologist, daughter of Lord Richard Francis Baker.
H d8 B 3d6 S 4d8 D 3d8 M 2d6 F 2d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Quick Shot, Marksman

Sidekick (3): Sir Errol Baker
a redeemed hunter, younger brother of Richard and uncle of Laura
H d8 B 3d8 S 4d8 D 3d6 M 2d8 F 2d6 C 2d6
Ability: Sharp, Dashing

Ally (2): Bagi
a mysterious feline woman, hunted for a while from Errol, and now best friend and maybe something more of him
H d6 B 3d6 S - D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Animal

an huge bulldog, pet of Lord Baker. I use it sometime as ally or backup.

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