Saturday, 8 August 2015

[PA League] Red Ribbon Army

My second Pulp Alley league I painted last year. The first idea was to have an anonymous force of DAK germans trying to stop the good guys from my Baker Expeditions. Then later I chose to paint them as the Red Ribbons from the old Dragonball anime.

Maybe a korp of interwar germans searching to mysterious artifacts (not the dragon balls however ) or maybe initially a german group but now a worldwide organization that want to conquest the world, much like the Hydra during IIWW

Red Ribbon Army, Blue Korp 14 slots
Perk (3): Eagle Eyed Troopers

Leader (0): Captain Ranka Schiffer
H d10 B 3d10 S 4d10 D 3d10 M 3d10 F 2d8 C 2d8
Abilities: Commander, Marksman, Quick Shot

Sidekick (3): Liutenant Klaus Adonis Schiffer
H d8 B 3d8 S 3d6 D 3d8 M 2d8 F 2d6 C 2d6
Abilities: Hardened Veteran, Muscle of Steel

x2 Allies (4): Soldat
H d6 B 2d6 S 1d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Burst Fire

x2 Allies (4): Soldat
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman

Models: 6 figures


  1. Look's good. Who makes the soldier that did not fill in her clothing request correctly and got issued with a shirt two sizes to small?

  2. The miniature of the female captain is "gretel" by the spanish Avolak Castings.