Friday, 2 March 2018

For TRADE/SALE: OLDHAMMER, Middlehammer and more

Some miniatures I would like to trade (or sale). I'm from Europe: Italy then I could easily ship to other europeans (and british) and maybe to americans or other countries (if the shipping cost is not too expensive). I've included a picture with my Wish List at the bottom of the post, however I could need oldhammer skavens, oldhammer Hobgoblins, wizards, giants and much more, then feel free to send me your trade list, maybe there is something more I could need, thanks:

1989 Fimir Warlord without tail 20 euro
1985 Pre slotta Amazon 6 euro
1985 Chaos Sorcerer (with part of the left horn missing) 6 euro
2 1987 Rogue Trader Space Orks: 3 euro each
1985 Judge Patton 4 euro
Pre-Slotta Amazon on horse 5 euro
Dark Eldar Mandrake 3 euro
2 Steel Legions Soldiers 3 euro each
3 feudal archers (1985) 3 euro each
Elf archer without bow 2 euro
Female Cleric (1984) with broken nose 3 euro

Ral Partha Samurai Rider with horse and on foot 5 euro

Grenadier Ogre MIB 5 euro
RAFM Angel of Judgment MIB 5 euro

(WHFB) 90-38 (year 2002) Stormvermins 8 euro

2 03304 Zarion Bloodnail Warrior 5 euro each

Chrocodile Games miniatures: 3 euro eac

Painted Hospitallers lot (Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast).
Include 10 knights and 4 infatrymen. 70 euro for the lot.

13 Painted gi joe conversions of cobra troopers, officers and storm shadow (almost all are Void Vasa marine miniatures with WWII german heads). the lot for 35 euro

nazgul 4 euro
Witch King 8 euro

Haradrim Raider 8 euro

Warlord Games Imperial Roman General 3,90 euro
HAT 28002 El-Cid Spanish Light Infantry (plastic) 7,00 euro


Hasslefree miniatures HFE006 Dynamic Shimmer 3 euro
Warzone Capitol Samurai with flamer 3 euro
Warzone Capitolo Sergeant 2 euro

demon (plastic) 2 euro

female werewolf 8 euro

mutants (plastic) 9 euro

female chaos raider (resin) 7 euro

demons (plastic) 9 euro

 Ghouls (resine copy) 3 eur 

Undead Wolves (plastic) 3 euro each

True scale G.I. Joe COBRA Crimson Guard Helmet. 150 euro

My WISH List:

 WEST WIND productions/Thugz Miniatures

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