Friday, 2 March 2018

For TRADE/SALE: OLDHAMMER, Middlehammer and more

Some miniatures I would like to trade (or sale). I'm from Europe: Italy then I could easily ship to other europeans (and british) and maybe to americans or other countries (if the shipping cost is not too expensive). I've included a picture with my Wish List at the bottom of the post, however I could need oldhammer skavens, oldhammer Hobgoblins, wizards, giants and much more, then feel free to send me your trade list, maybe there is something more I could need, thanks:

1989 Fimir Warlord without tail 20 euro
1985 Pre slotta Amazon 6 euro
1985 Chaos Sorcerer (with part of the left horn missing) 6 euro
2 1987 Rogue Trader Space Orkst: 3 euro each
2 Genestealers with metal butt arms 8 euro each
2 Genestealers without arms 6 euro each
1985 Judge Patton 4 euro
2 Pre-Slotta Imperial Guard 3 euro each
Pre-Slotta Amazon on horse 5 euro
Dark Eldar Mandrake 3 euro
2 Steel Legions Soldiers 3 euro each
Black Orc Warrior (1998-2000?) 4 euro
3 feudal archers (1985) 3 euro each
Elf archer without bow 2 euro
Female Cleric (1984) with broken nose 3 euro

Ral Partha Samurai Rider with horse and on foot 5 euro

Grenadier Ogre MIB 5 euro
RAFM Angel of Judgment MIB 5 euro

(WHFB) 90-38 (year 2002) Stormvermins 8 euro

14267: General Matisse,Overlords Warlord 5 euro
2 03304 Zarion Bloodnail Warrior 5 euro each

Chrocodile Games miniatures: 3 euro each (2 euro for the priestess without scepter head)

8815 Artilley of the Cursed legion (new) 20 euro
8801 Cursed Legion (miss a skeleton) 25 euro
8822 Cavalry of the Cursed Legion (opened but as new) 30 euro

Painted Hospitallers lot (Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast).
Include 10 knights and 4 infatrymen. 70 euro for the lot.

BANDAI Gundam Collection 1/400 (about 40mm) miniatures 40 euro for the lot of 15 miniatures

nazgul 4 euro
Witch King 8 euro

Haradrim Raider 8 euro

Warlord Games Imperial Roman General 3,90 euro
HAT 28002 El-Cid Spanish Light Infantry (plastic) 7,00 euro


Hasslefree miniatures HFE006 Dynamic Shimmer 3 euro
Warzone Capitol Samurai with flamer 3 euro
Warzone Capitolo Sergeant 2 euro

female chaos champion 7 euro

demon (plastic) 2 euro

female demons 15 euro

ghoul (plastic) 2 euro

female werewolf 8 euro

mutants (plastic) 9 euro

female chaos raider (resin) 7 euro

demons (plastic) 9 euro

 Ghouls (resine copy) 3 eur 

Female demon 8 euro 

Giant Spiders (plastic) 3 euro each

Undead Wolves (plastic) 3 euro each

Female Vampire 6 euro 

My WISH List:

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