Friday, 30 March 2018

[Sellswords] Battle Report: Greenskin Hunters

Today I played the second scenario of my Solo campaign of "Sellswords & Spellslingers". The basic scenario was from the rulebook: Orcs and slippery stones pg44.

Orcs and Goblins harass a nearby village of the fortified town of Lakoras.
Amron decide to help the villagers, but only because they offered a reward for each greenskin killed.

The purse of Amron was rather poor, just some few silver pieces were not enought to buy the scroll he wanted from the wizards' guild of Lakoras. He needed to gain more money and the villagers offered to him a fair reward for each greenskin head he could take to them.
Amron: "Well, it's time to work, my friends... Clean up the area from the greenskin scum!"
The Twins looked with an offense expression, then Amron smiled under his helmet and said:
"With the obvious exception of my friends, the Twins, of course... You are not scum." 😏

Overview of the board with foes and pcs deployed.

Border Princes map (red star indicate the place where the scenario is played, zoom the picture)


 AMRON MALIOCCO GRACIALE "the Bringer of Hope"  20xp
Traits: Spellcaster (20xp), Fireball (5xp)
Negative Traits: Greedy (-5xp)
Silver pieces: 25
Amron is the bastard son of the rich merchant and explorer Dante Graciale of Tobaro. He is an half elf. His father never said much about Amron's elf mother. He simply told him that his mother chose his name before abandoning him and that she was a witch. Being an half elf and the result of an illicit relationship, Amron could not be officially recognized by the Graciale family, however his father grew him as his son and he could enjoy a comfortable life. When he was an adult, he finds out to have the spellcaster gift and his father paid a magician to teach him. Dissatisfied with the limiting lessons of his teacher, he decided to begin a journey in the Border Princes, where he could test is magic skills and learn magic faster.

 DAETHSKAR "the Dark Knight" 35xp
Traits: Armor lvl2 (12xp), Fighter: Axe lvl3 (15xp), Shield lvl2 (8xp)
Negative Trait: Burly
Silver Pieces: 23
Daethskar is an animated armor, created by Amron during one of his magic experiments.
He is the loyal body guard of Amron. He follows and protects his master wherever he goes.
The TWINS 10xp
Traits: Armor lvl1 (6xp), Danger Sense (4xp)
The Twins is/are just a goblin mutant mercenary hired by Amron.

A goblin try an ambush on Daethskar, but he is quickly killed by the dark knight.
Amron: "Nicely done, Daethskar, the first kill of the day is yours." 😉

Amron cast two Fireball spells, one orc brute is gone and the other is wounded with just one hit point.
Amron: "Another greenskin is gone... Too easy." 😏

Amron finish the wounded orc brute with his fireball and the Twins move to rob the body.
The Twins: "Dead Orc rich, many coins for us!"
Amron: "The Twins, you are a really little petty thieves..." 😒

Amron cast another fireball and two goblins are killed. He rob the orc brute and gain a potion of defness.
Amron: "That's why I like to be a wizard. It's so easy to defeat this rabble with ranged spells." 😁

More goblins arrive to join the fight in the southern edge of the board. Meanwhile another goblin is hit by the fireball of Amron.
Amron: "Uh-oh... we have company..."

a goblin charge the twins, but he is defeated.
The Twins: "More coins for us!" 😋

Another horde of minions arrive to join the fight and move towards the PCs.

with a deadly fireball, amron kill all the horde of goblins.
Amron: "That's was a really nice shot!" 😈

Amron kill another greenskin with his fireball, while the twins and Daethskar rob the fallens.
Amron: "That's unfair, I'm doing all the work, while you take all the loot!" 😣

Amron finish the last goblins, the area is now free from greenskin.
Amron: "Fine! Do you see how my spells can be decisive ... when they finally work properly? 😊

The PCs gain a reward of 4xp, 15 goblins and 2 orcs were killed then the group receives a reward of 190 Silver Pieces from the thankful villagers (10sp for each goblin, 20 for each orc) plus 4 cheap weapons, two battle axes and some more silver pieces from the robbed corpses. The potion of defness is sold. Amron buy a scroll of heal.


  1. Nice write up. What kind of mini is DAETHSKAR?