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Palaeo Diet: The Sacrificial Offering to the White Lizard God

Today I played a Solo game with the Palaeo Diet skirmish game. I used dinosaurs instead of the prehistoric mammals. The official rules for dinosaurs will be available on the "ice age" supplement of Palaeo Diet.
I was ispired by the "Predator" scenario, where the hunters are a pack of predators instead the humans. I used a lone "old lizard", the White Dinosaur "Rudy" with bulk 7 and hungry and hunter traits. The old lizard predator will be successful in his hunt if he could get 14 bulk worth of kills and he will not suffer more than 3 wounds.

Here the Battle report:
Year 10.000 BC (or maybe 1912?) somewhere in a lost valley of Africa...

Rudy's stomach grumbled. He was hungry. He had not done breakfast this morning... and even worse lunchtime was approaching... therefore he heard some annoying noises and sounds... He recognized the verses of the hairless monkeys and the noise produced by their strange instrument...
Intrigued and hungry, Rudy moved in the direction of the noises.

Aja volunteered to placate the White Lizard God's hunger. It would have been a great honor to sacrifice herself for the good of the tribe. However, when finally the White Lizard God came for her, she was not so sure about her altruistic decision...

Meanwhile, Momma Dino was nearby the human village, the noise had also attracted her attention and she was ready to take advantage of the situation. She had to be careful to not openly challenge Rudy.

Overview of the board:
 The fierce female warriors of the Bana Tribe with the chieftain and her pet.
 The Sacrifice: Aja
 the village drummer
 an overview of the Bana Tribe village
 the villagers with some Compsognathus (they breed them like hens)
 Some Ornithomimus (herd grazers) as cattle
 Momma Dino
 RUDY the White Lizard God

Rudy moves suspiciously towards Aja.
"Why little hairless monkey don't flee?" he thought
 Aja could not avoid to scream and she try to get free... but it's too late...
 Rudy move and attack Aja, killing her.
Then he eat her in one bite, but it's not enough for his huge appetite.
"Not bad" He thought "But Rudy want more..."
meanwhile, Momma Dino cautiously approaches to Rudy, hoping to steal some of his preys.

Rudy move towards the female warriors, he need more meat to satiate his hunger, the sacrifice wa just just an appetizer for him...
The Chieftain Saada was horrified, the sacrifice of poor Aja was useless, the White Lizard God was still hungry and was attacking his people!
Raha, the best warrior of the tribe, screamed his challenge to Rudy and charged him.
Raha: "White Lizard God! I do not fear you! Aja was a good woman and you have dishonored her noble sacrifice! I challenge you!" 😠

Unfortunatelly, Raha is not a serious threat and her axe do not hurt Rudy, then he kill and devours her too. Momma Dino continue to follow Rudy, but she still has not a chance to steal some meat.

A sudden strange scream of one of the female warriors disrupts Rudy, he move back slightly. Meanwhile the panic takes the chieftain and his retinue that begin to flee.
Saada: "Raha, the champion of the tribe is dead! She challenged the White Lizard God! Now he is angry! Fast we must flee and take the children to safety!" 😱

Rudy slowly enter in the village, looking around for his next meal.
Rudy attack the small pet of the chieftain, Ayo, a puppy of Styracosaurus. He kills and eats him easily. "Why puppy of horned dude here?" Rudy thought "He alone! Easy! Rudy eat!" 😋
 Saada: "Noooo, my poor little Ayo!" 😭

Another brave warrior charge Rudy, but she is defeated and the new meal of Rudy.
"Rudy does not understand little hairless monkeys" he thought "Why they attack Rudy? They too weak, they should flee."
Momma Dino continue to be dangerously close to Rudy, waiting her opportunity. Rudy ignore her, for now.

Rudy charge Khanysha, the shamaness of the tribe. The sacrifice was her idea, she thought that this could placate the White Lizard God, now she finally understand that Rudy is just a big hungry predator, not a God to appease.
Khanysha: "I I made a tremendous mistake! May the gods and my tribe forgive me!" 😢
 then Khanysha meet her end in the jaws of Rudy too.

Unexpectedly a lower caste man charge furiously Rudy. He hurts the dinosaur! Momma Dino, feeling the smell of blood, bites Rudy, injuring him again.
Thabo: "Cursed White Lizard God! You killed our holy shamaness! You will pay for this sacrilege!"
Rudy roared with pain, one of the little hairless monkeys scratched him, and even worse the Momma Dino bites him... "Ugly BAD treacherous female!" he said in the dinosaur language

Rudy killed and ate the courageous man but decided to ignore Momma Dino and get away in search of easy preys.
Rudy: "Stupid, STUPID female, stay away!" 😣
meanwhile one of the warriors charge Momma Dino, injuring her.
K'tusha: "Stay away from my people, monster!" 😡

Rudy move nervously, looking to satiate his appetite, still a bite and he will be satisfied and could be able to get away to lick his wounds. The cattle, hens and a villager flee in panic.
Rudy find a scared woman alone, then he quickly devours her in a single bite.
Now the hunger of Rudy is finally satiated and he could go back to his den to rest.

The predator Rudy is the winner of the game, he killed 6 humans and one dinosaur puppy, gaining 14 bulk (2 bulk for each killing), however he lost 2 of his original 7 bulk/wounds. 

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