Sunday, 8 April 2018

[Sellswords] The Herbs of the Kharnos Forest

Today I played the third scenario of my Solo campaign of "Sellswords & Spellslingers". The basic scenario was from the rulebook: In search of rare herbs pg50.

Amron and his servants venture through the Kharnos forest to pick rare ingredients for potions. In addition to danger represented by wildlife and carnivorous plants, they are ambushed by Goblins.

Amron was intrigued by alchemy. He was studying this prodigious science, but he was not still ready to brew his potions. Then he decided to venture in the near Kharnos forest and pick some ingredients to trade for potions or cheaper prices from the alchemist of Lakoras.
He and his group were venturing in the forest from some time, when they heard they heard some noises and evil giggles. Amron immediately recognized the unpleasant voices: Goblins!
Amron: "I'm losing my patience with these goblinoids, they are everywhere..." 😒
then he made a silent signal to his companions and said:
Amron: "So be it, we don't need to waste our precious time... We must find enough herbs for buy or trade some potions..."

Overview of the board with foes and pcs deployed.

Border Princes map (red star indicate the place where the scenario is played, zoom the picture)

CABAL of GRACIALE 69xp (4 are unspenct)
 AMRON MALIOCCO GRACIALE "the Bringer of Hope"  20xp
Traits: Spellcaster (20xp), Fireball (5xp)
Negative Traits: Greedy (-5xp)
Silver pieces: 89 Equipment: Scroll of Heal
Amron is the bastard son of the rich merchant and explorer Dante Graciale of Tobaro. He is an half elf. His father never said much about Amron's elf mother. He simply told him that his mother chose his name before abandoning him and that she was a witch. Being an half elf and the result of an illicit relationship, Amron could not be officially recognized by the Graciale family, however his father grew him as his son and he could enjoy a comfortable life. When he was an adult, he finds out to have the spellcaster gift and his father paid a magician to teach him. Dissatisfied with the limiting lessons of his teacher, he decided to begin a journey in the Border Princes, where he could test is magic skills and learn magic faster.
 DAETHSKAR "the Dark Knight" 35xp
Traits: Armor lvl2 (12xp), Fighter: Axe lvl3 (15xp), Shield lvl2 (8xp)
Negative Trait: Burly
Silver Pieces: 137
Daethskar is an animated armor, created by Amron during one of his magic experiments.
He is the loyal body guard of Amron. He follows and protects his master wherever he goes.
The TWINS 10xp
Traits: Armor lvl1 (6xp), Danger Sense (4xp)
Silver Pieces: 117
The Twins is/are just a goblin mutant mercenary hired by Amron.

Daethskar move and he is really lucky, he find 2 bunches of rare herbs.
Amron: "Well done, Daethskar. We have yet enought herbs, however I want to pick more bunches."

Amron cast a Fireball spell and the Goblin Boss is dead.
Amron: "That goblin scum was too close my precious herbs... He paid for his recklessness." 😒

Amron and The Twins are near the herbs, but could not collect them. Later a carnivorous plant attack them, injuring them.
The Twins: "Something strange, no good" 😣
Amron: "Really? Is your goblinoid's intuition?" 😒

 Daethskar is charged by a goblin but he defeat him quickly.

The twins pick a bunch of herbs and move towards the edge of the table. Meanwhile Daethskar robs the goblin corpse and find some precious in a tree.
Amron: "Don't waste time, more goblins are coming and we have what we were looking for..."

A goblin ambush Amron, now he has only one hit point. Then the goblin is  killed and robbed.
Amron: "Cursed green scum! He dared to hurt me! This walk is beginning to become dangerous..." 😓 Daethskar move close to Amron, trying to protect him.

A lone goglin from the horde charge Amron, but he is killed. then Amron cast a Fireball and the last two goblins of the horde are dead too.
Amron: "These goblins were dangerously close... We must hurry!" 😣

Amron kill another goblin (with 2HP) with his Fireball, The Twins continue to move towards the edge of the table.
Amron: "Wait for us, you little ungrateful!" 😡

Daethskar is close to the edge of the table, but still he is waiting his master. The Twins is ambushed by a goblin, but he defeat him. Amron is charged by another goblin that is killed.
Amron: "These goblinois are persistent, however still a few steps and we will be safe!" 😓

Suddenly an horde of goblins appear in the same edge of the retreating group.
Amron: "This is really bad luck!" 😨
Fortunately, Daethskar and The Twins move without problems, avoinding the goblins and move off the table, bringing to safety the 3 bunches of rare herbs.
Amron: "Hey! I'm still here! Wait for me, you stupid henchmen!" 😥

The PCs gain a reward of 4xp, 3 bunches of rare herbs, 3 cheap swords, and 23 silver pieces.
Amron trade two bunches for a potion of super healing, then he sell it for 250SP and buy a potion of healing for half the prices (using the last bunch of herbs).

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