Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Heroes for DUNGEONQUEST: Serelia of Zimendell

I bought "Heroes for Dungeonquest" about 28 years ago. It was my first taste of citadel metal miniatures after I tried the plastic miniatures of Hero Quest. In the years that followed, I lost most of the miniatures from the original box then I had to buy or trade almost all the miniatures. After collecting again the 12 original miniatures, I waited the right opportunity to paint them. Thanks to "Sellswords & Spellslingers", the time is finally arrived. In fact, if I play a cooperative game with 3 players, each of them could use 4 PCs for a total of 12 PCs.

Here the first miniature I painted: Serelia of Zimendell

I was ispired by the original paint scheme from the cover of the "Heroes for Dungeonquest" box.

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  1. It's great when old miniatures get a new lease of life thanks to new games. I am going through the same thing where I am getting to paint up a load of old Imperial Guard thanks to 'shadow Wars'.