Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Battle Report: The ALIEN

the second scenario of my new rogue trader campaign I played last Sunday.

borderline world of Issus (called Somewhere by the settlers): Imperial research station
Incoming Priority message from Imperial Research station number 47.
"H-here Corporal Thomas Rossi! I request immediate reinforcements! An Hostile alien creature attacked and killed my comrade!
I'm wounded and I finished my ammo! I closed myself in the station but the creature is tearing the door! I-I don't know how much I could resist... Please! Somebody HEBZzZzZzzzzzzzzz...click!"
The Scribe closed the registration.
Scribe Alvarez: "We received this communication just 10 minutes ago... we tried to contact the station, but it is unreachable..."
Judge Griffin: "This is unacceptable. Attacking an imperial property and slaying its occupants is a serious crime that could not be tolerated.
We will move immediately. The alien creature, whether it is animal or less, will be judged..."

Overview of the board:

Major plot point (and Hostile Bystander): Genestealer attacking wounded soldier

Minor plot point: Native Alien Scout

Minor plot point: Alien Bounty Hunter

Minor plot point (and hostile bystander): Mike & Sulley

Minor plot point (and hostile bystander): Catachan Devil

The Leagues:

Adeptus Arbites (my league)
Perks (3): Tenacious, Keen Senses

Leader (0): Judge Baltar Griffin
H d10 B 3d10 S 3d10 D 3d8 M 3d10 F 3d8 C 3d10
Abilities: Commander, Deductive, Veteran, Indomitable
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Proctor Carla Reed
H d8 B 3d6 S 4d8 D 3d8 M 2d6 F 4d8 C 2d6
Ability: Dashing, Quick Shot, Marksman
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Enforcer Lorenzo "Eight-Ball" Delacroix
H d6 B 1d6 S 4d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman, Eagle Eyed
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Bill "Giant" Marenga
H d6 B 3d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Brute, Fierce
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Antoine Goodman
H d6 B 2d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 2d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman
Optional Kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Submachine gun

Ally (2): Scribe Ezechiel Alvarez
H d6 B 1d6 S - D 3d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 4d6
Ability: Animal, Crafty
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 Figures.
Lvl 2 Backup: Captain Amelia (Rogue Trader)
H d6 B 1d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

The Jokerz (the league used by my player)
Perk (0): None

Leader (0): Joker
H d10 B 2d8 S 4d10 D 4d10 M 2d8 F 4d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Speedy, Lucky Devil, Agile, Trick, Indomitable
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Harley Quinn
H d8 B 4d8 S 3d8 D 4d6 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Speedy, Agile, Moxie
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

x2 Allies (4): Deilia & Deidra, the Dee Dee Sisters
H d6 B 3d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Agile, Savvy, Fierce
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Harleen
H d6 B 3d6 S 4d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Fierce, Marksman, Daredevil
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Jolly
H d6 B - S - D 5d6 M 1d6 F 4d6 C 2d6
Ability: Animal, Sly
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 figures

Lvl 1 Backup: Panther
H d6* B 2d6 S - D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

Deployment of leagues:

The Batte Report:

Harley Quinn win the challenge and the alien native scout is taken.
Scout: "Something not good is happening in the human hut..."
Harley Quinn: "Then show it to me, you will be my guide, pretty frog girlie!"  😄

the Judge win the minor plot point.
Judge Griffin: "Your bounty hunter license is expired. You are under arrest. Follow me."

The skirmish about the two leagues begin, and it is an hard shooting and brawl.
8-Ball, Goodman, the panther and a Dee Dee are KO.
Harley Quinn: "Hi, Judge! How are you? It's nice to find you and your friends here again, have a niiiiice day with us!" 😜
Judge Griffin: "The Jokerz again... Your interference is unacceptable." 😣
meanwhile the Jokerz win the major plot point and peril and capture the Genestealer.
Joker: "A Genestealer! Nice! It will be my new pet!  😁

Carla need two turns, but finally submit the Catachan Devil.
Carla: "Calm down little beast! Now you will come with me..."

The Joker, with his new pet, run away.
Joker: "The prize is taken, now I must keep it!" 😀

Goodman and Harleen are both KO.
Harleen: "Ouch! You are a real brute, beating a nice lady as me!" 😕
Goodman: "A real lady don't beat hard as you..." 😔

The last Dee Dee is KO after a good shoot of Carla.
Carla: "Nice shot! Say hello to your sister..." 😉
Dee Dee: "Damn cop!"😡

Harley Quinn charge the Judge, but she is KO after two turns and lose her minor plot point.
Judge: "I judge you guilty of your crimes"
Harley Quinn: "This guy is really boring!" 😦

The Jolly try to win the minor plot point and peril, but fail and is KO.
Jolly: "These monsters seem funny, but they still are monsters!"  😕
Alvarez is luckier and take the minor plot point.
Scribe Alvarez: "You could be a nice addition to our zoo, the children will be happy." 😊

The Rogue trader win the minor plot point lost by Harley Quinn.
Captain Amelia: "Hello pretty greenskin, you are a precious witness, please follow me, the judge will make you some questions..."

Carla is down and lose her minor plot point. But she will recover in the next turn.
Joker: "You are unwise to face me, girlie" 😁
Carla, the Judge and Joker try to win the minor plot point. Carla take again the catachan devil.
Carla: "Come heeeere, little beast... Yes, you are a good monster!" 😃
The Joker try to defeat Carla, but he fail. She could save her minor plot point.
Judge Griffin: "You are crazier than I thought if you really think to hold a Genestealer as your pet!"
Joker: "Why not? I'm sure he is a pretty creature, he just need some love! AhahahAhahaha!!" 😂
Judge Griffin: "We are losing our time with that crazy harlequin... but a thing is clear: something wrong is happening in this world... We must only hope that the Genestealer was alone... or this will be only the beginning of our hunt..."

The Adeptus Arbites league hold 4 minor plots (then 4 victory points) and is the winner.
The Jokerz gang hold the major plot point, but lost because have only 3 victory points.

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