Monday, 20 February 2017

Battle Report: The Missionary

the third scenario of my new rogue trader campaign I played yesterday.

borderline world of Issus (called "Somewhere" by the settlers): a lost Farm village.
Some suspicious activity was reported by local policemen on a lost farm village.
A man, a missionary, is traveling on several villages to convert the people to a strange new religion.
This is a violation of the Imperial Creed. An Heresy. Then the Judge was called to investigate and arrest the Heretic.
Judge: "Heresy is everywhere in this lost world..."

Overview of the board & deployment of leagues:

Major plot point (and Hostile Bystander): Genestealer Magus "The Missionary"
Magus: H10 B3d8 S3d10 D3d10 M2d8 F3d10 C3d10
Special Rules: The Missionary move always first and try to convert some bystanders to his faith (trying to win a random challenge).

Minor plot point (spaceship junk) and peril (ferrobeasts)

Minor plot point and Hostile Bystander: Genestealer Familiar

Minor plot point: Abdul Goldberg

Minor plot point: Policemen

Perilious area: Cudbear

The Leagues:

Adeptus Arbites (my league)
Perks (3): Tenacious, Keen Senses

Leader (0): Judge Baltar Griffin
H d10 B 3d10 S 3d10 D 3d8 M 3d10 F 3d8 C 3d10
Abilities: Commander, Deductive, Veteran, Indomitable
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Proctor Carla Reed
H d8 B 3d6 S 4d8 D 3d8 M 2d6 F 4d8 C 2d6
Ability: Dashing, Quick Shot, Marksman, Deadeye
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Enforcer Lorenzo "Eight-Ball" Delacroix
H d6 B 1d6 S 4d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman, Eagle Eyed, Sharp
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Bill "Giant" Marenga
H d6 B 3d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 3d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Brute, Fierce
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Arbitrator Antoine Goodman
H d6 B 2d6 S 3d6 D 1d6 M 2d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Marksman
Optional Kit: Sci Fi
Weapon kit: Submachine gun

Ally (2): Scribe Ezechiel Alvarez
H d6 B 1d6 S - D 3d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 4d6
Ability: Animal, Crafty
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 Figures.

Lvl 1 Backup: Captain Amelia (Rogue Trader)
H d6* B 1d6 S 2d6 D 1d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6

The Jokerz (the league used by my player)
Perk (0): None

Leader (0): Joker
H d10 B 2d8 S 4d10 D 4d10 M 2d8 F 4d10 C 3d10
Abilities: Speedy, Lucky Devil, Agile, Trick, Indomitable
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

Sidekick (3): Harley Quinn
H d8 B 4d8 S 3d8 D 4d6 M 2d6 F 3d8 C 2d6
Abilities: Speedy, Agile, Moxie, Muscle of Steel
Optional Kit: Sci Fi

x2 Allies (4): Deilia & Deidra, the Dee Dee Sisters
H d6 B 3d6 S 3d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 2d6 C 1d6
Ability: Agile, Savvy, Fierce
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Harleen
H d6 B 3d6 S 4d6 D 2d6 M 1d6 F 1d6 C 1d6
Ability: Fierce, Marksman, Daredevil, Eagle Eyed
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Ally (2): Jolly
H d6 B - S - D 5d6 M 1d6 F 4d6 C 2d6
Ability: Animal, Sly
Optional kit: Sci Fi

Models: 6 figures

The Batte Report:

The magus has found his first new follower.
Magus: "Rejoice, my good brother! You have joined the true faith in the four armed father!" 😇

The Jolly win the minor plot point and gets the genestealer familiar.
Jolly: "Nice little creepy guy! I like it!"  😍

Unfortunatelly, in the next turn the familiar rebels, the Jolly is KO and the minor plot point is lost.
Jolly: "Argh! Why?! I liked you!" 😢

Harley Quinn win her minor plot point.
Harley Quinn: "Oh, Come on guys! Give up, and let the scrap to me." 😉

Judge Griffin win the policemen minor plot point:
Policeman: "Welcome Judge Griffin... The heretic is there..."
Judge: "Leave him to me..."

The Magus convert another bystander, but his followers are KO during a fight to protect him.
Dee Dee convert the woman bystander, she try to win the major plot point magus but fail.
Goodman, Cpt Amelia, Harley Quinn are KO too. Harley lost her minor plot point.
Harley Quinn: "Damn! I hate my job!" 😡

Harleen and Dee try to win a bystanders, but they fail.
Bystander: "I'm sorry girls, but I must look after my farm"

The Scribe win the minor plot point Abdul Goldberg.
Scribe Alzarez: "You must follow me, brother... your help is needed..."

The Magus convert the woman bystader. She join him now.
Magus: "Well done, sister! Now you have seen the light!"
The fight continue. The Joker, Judge (losing his minor plot point) and 8-Ball are down. Harleen and a Dee Dee are KO.
Dee Dee: "Wow, that's what I call a BIG scuffle!" 😜
meanwhile the scribe is running behind cover to join his judge.

the woman bystander is KO, the magus is trying to flee, he is chased by the Scribe and 8-Ball.
Magus: "Unbelievers! You will not have me!"  😠
The judge is KO. Dee Dee and the Joker are down.
Judge: "I'm defeated! Proctor Reed, you are the leader of the mission, now!"
Proctor Reed: "I will not disappoint you, judge!" 😏

The Magus convert another bystander. The Scribe defeat it and finally win the magus major plot point.
Scribe: "You are now under arrest, Heretic!" 😈
Magus: "Only the Four Armed Father has authority over me!"  😬

Giant is KO. 8-Ball win the policeman minor plot point lost by the judge. Dee Dee try to win the junk minor plot point but fail.
Joker: "I'm losing my preeeeeecious time with these imperial minions... Dee Dee, darling, play with them while I go for the main goal..." 😀
Dee Dee: "As you wish Mr J!  😄

Finally Proctor Reed win the minor plot point junk.
Proctor Reed: "I hope this junk is worth of something..."  😑

The Joker try to defeat the Scribe with a powerful shoot, but surprisingly the scribe survive.
Joker: "What?! You lucky bastard!" 😣
Scribe Alzarez: "I'm blessed by the Emperor himself."

The Adeptus Arbites win. 3 minor plot point and the major plot point are taken, a total of 6 victory points. Almost a total victory.

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