Thursday, 15 April 2021

Wizard of the Coast - Star Wars Miniatures - Phase III Dark Trooper

I repainted a Wizard of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures Phase III Dark Trooper as the personal exosuit of the Moff Damon Gul Reda.

A picture with the miniature (West End Games) of Moff Gul Reda (the pilot of the exosuit).

Thursday, 8 April 2021

ELDORADO Mayan Nobles

Some Mayan Nobles I painted for my Eldorado games, they will be bystanders or plot point for Pulp Alley or markers for Palaeo Diet Pulp. As usual the paint scheme was ispired by the "The road to Eldorado" cartoon.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Star Wars - More Pirates

I painted two more pirates: a female near-human alien with violet skin and a small gamorrean.
Here the new miniatures (bottom left and right) with the yet painted pirates:

The female near-human was ispired by this Star Wars character:

Monday, 29 March 2021

Star Wars - More Rebel Scum

I painted two more rebels. A "yeti" alien (fine for a star wars Akurian) and "teddy bear" alien (maybe a subspecies of ewok?). Here a picture of these aliens with the other rebel scum:

A picture of the Star Wars Akurians:

Thursday, 25 March 2021

ELDORADO Mayan Ball Gamers

I painted four Mayan Ball Gamers for my Eldorado games:

Here a picture of the gamers with a scratch built stone ring:

As usual, the paint scheme was ispired by the mayans from the "Road to Eldorado" cartoon:

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Raiders of the Lost Temple

Today I played a Solo game with the expansion of Palaeo Diet: Pulp.
The scenario was simple: a band of "totally legitimate artefact-hunting" adventurers need to acquire sufficient artefacts from the surrounding area to offset the cost of their expedition. After that, their only job is to get out of the place as quickly as possible. Six markers around the table have the random values 1,1,1,2,3,4 noted on the underside. The tapirs (herd grazers) have a value of 2 each too. The adventurers need to collect artefacts or bulk whose values equal the number of adventurers +2. Any deaths among the adventurers increases the total value of artefacts/bulk required by 2.

Year 1508, Somewhere in the Central America.

Cesar Borgia lead a raid in a mayan Temple. The goal is to plunder the largest number of treasures and food from the locals.
Oveview of the Board:

The Borgia's "Conquistatori", Legione "Aut Caesar aut nihil"
(10 models)

Cesar Borgia w/sword on Dragone (Club, Hungry, Hunter, Bulk 3)
Cardinale Iohannes Juan de Borja (Occultist)
Fleissige Bertha w/sword (Club, Hunter)
Borso De Calis w/arquebus (Shotgun, Big Game Hunter)
Corrado Portinari w/arquebus (Shotgun, Big Game Hunter)
Leonardo Ziani w/crossbow (Bow, Cowardly)
Naldo Foscarini w/crossbow (Bow, Cowardly)
Rinaldo Berardi w/Halberd (Spear)
Pandolfo De Albertis w/Halberd (Spear)
Baldo Da Milano w/Falconetto cannon (Bazooka)

The Treasure Raiders move cautiously towards their goals. The native mayans seem surprised and frightened, some flee in fear of the foreigners.

Cardinal de Borja: "Follow me my sons! These pagans would not stop us from taking our legitimate donations!"

One of the Halberdiers take one of the markers (a monkey with a gold vase).
Halberdier Rinaldo: "Give me that gold jar, you stupid little monkey!"

The gunner tries to fire, but the cannon misfires.
Baldo: "Damn humidity! This cannon never works when we need it!"

Cardinal de Borja take the jars' markers.
Cardinal de Borja: "Thanks God for these gifts! VADE RETRO PAGANUS (Go Away pagan)!"

The other raiders advance towards their objectives.

One of the Arquebusier is charged by a mayan warrior and injured, then he walks away with caution. Another one is injured by a mayan skirmisher.

Bertha move cautiously towards another marker, while the mayan warriors hesitate, fearful of the blonde tall female warrior.

Bertha gets the jars' marker.
Bertha: "These boys are too shy! That's fine for me! Thanks for the donation!"

A mayan warrior charge a crossbowman, injuring him.
Leonardo: "Ach! These guys are becoming quite aggressive!"

Cardinal de Borja is injured by a mayan guard but he reaches the mayan girl with gold dish.
Cardinal de Borja: "How you dare to hurt a minister of God?!"

Cardinal de Borja gets the mayan girl with gold dish marker.
Cardinal de Borja: "Come with me my daughter!"

Cesar gets a gold statuette and move towards the next marker, avoiding the snake, panther and tapirs.

The gunner is injured by a mayan skirmisher. The other raiders having gotten most of the markers begin to withdraw, avoiding futile fights.

Cardinal de Borja: "God be praised! We have enough donations! We can withdraw in peace!"

Cesar gets the last marker (a gold artefact) then the total artefacts' value is 12, enough to winning the game. Five raiders are injured, but no victims from both sides.
Cesar: "A fine raid, some injured, but no casualties! It's time to go back to our camp! Follow me, men!"

At the Camp, the Borgia's Conquistatori celebrate victory, admiring the spoils they have collected.
Cesar Borgia: "Well done, men! We have enough food and gold to continue with our quest!"

Sunday, 14 March 2021

ELDORADO Mayan Temple

I painted my Eldorado Mayan Temple. Here a picture with all my eldorado mayans.