Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pulp Alley & ASoBH at Vinadio Comics 2017

On 29-30 July I went to a small but nice event in my italian province: Vinadio Comics

The event was done inside the XIX century fort of Vinadio, a really small town between the Maritime Alps of Italy (904 meters of altitude).

Some informations about the town and fort:

Here some pictures of the board (and from the room with other games). I played some demos of Pulp Alley with my painted G.I. Joes miniatures (I was the guy with red beard) on Saturday.
On Sunday I played some demos of Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes with my painted oldhammer miniatures.
I was there with the "Dimensione Arcana" group (group of players of card games, board games, RpG, wargames etc). We were inside a room of the Fort of Vinadio.

 The board for Pulp Alley

The board for Advanced Song of Blande & Heroes