Thursday, 12 April 2018

Heroes for DUNGEONQUEST: Thargrim the Dark Lord

another hero for dungeonquest: Thargrim the Dark Lord

a picture of the the second group of heroes for dungeonquest:


  1. Greetings! Could you share with me the colors and technique you used on this figure? it looks fantastic and I have the same figure and I'd like to get the same effect. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, It's nothing of special, the miniature is white primed, then for the armor I used citadel leadbelcher, a wash o nuln oil, then again drybrush with leadbelcher, another of citadel ironbreaker and the last with runefang steel, then some minor washed when needed of nuln citadel and some of agrax earthshade. The gold details are done with a base of gehenna gold, then wash of agrax earthshafe, then again gehenna gold, higlights of auric armor gold and last highilits of runefang steel, then wash of agrax earthshade.