Friday, 7 December 2018

G.I. Joe: COBRA Super Sized H.I.S.S. Tank

I commissioned a 3d printed Super-Sized Hiss Tank than I will consider the Cobra Commander's "Hiss Command Tank Mk-0". It will be the personal tank of Cobra Commander and will include a driver and co-driver and 5 passeggers. I was considering to paint some silver cobra symbols and numbers (001 on both sides), but for now I will not include them, because I'm afraid to ruin the paint scheme and because in the picture from the cartoon the tank has not symbols.

A picture of the "Super Sized" tank from episode 15 "Haul Down the Heavens".  I know well that the cartoon often don't care for size, scale comparison or logic (or maybe just some animation errors). I just took the excuse of this picture of an apparently super sized hiss tank with the side sliding door to have the opportunity to justify a command hiss tank. 😉

I did some minor modifications. I've included a door with loophole and some details to the tracks.

Here some pictures of the unpainted hiss tank (and without modifications). It is approximately the size of the mobat, but much higher.

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