Sunday, 2 August 2020

Mutant Chronicles WARZONE: Cybertronic Female Chasseur

I still had a Void Junkers Vulture Standard Bearer missing its sword and vulture insignia, then I decided to do some little conversions and use it as a female Cybertronic Chasseur or ex-Cybertronic Hired Gun. I was ispired by the Art of the cyborg Fay Fan from the "Luna City" tale. I just included a plastic GW sword and a Punisher Pistol with a plastic sight.

 The paint scheme I was ispired:
 A groupshot with the other Cybertronic miniatures I painted until now:


  1. Really great stuff, love all your recent Warzone miniatures!

    1. Thanks :) I've seen your blog about 15mm miniatures. I usually don't consider 15mm miniatures, because they are too small and poor of details, but after seeing yours I admit they could be quite nice :)