Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Eldar 2.0 (Sensei Warband)

I was not sure about the clean biel-tan craftworld paint scheme of my eldar follower, then I updated it. I copied the Star Wars Mandalorian "Jodo Kast" paint scheme, so I saved some of the original colors. Here the old paint scheme with the new one.

 OLD paint scheme

NEW paint scheme


  1. I'm really interested in seeing this project go ahead - I asked a gaming mate a while back if he would do the 40k Sensei campaign but will have to wait for a bit to get into it =(

    Great job on the Eldar! A very cool sculpt.

  2. Now I should paint a Thousand Sons warband but I will include more followers to my sensei warband, at least two. ;)