Monday, 26 October 2015

Eldar (Sensei Warband)

Here I've painted my first eldar. Yes I never painted one, the two I painted when I was a teenager don't count. ;)
It will be one of the followers for my sensei warband. What do you think? I painted it with a biel-tan paint scheme. The white on the armor was really boring, if I will paint more eldars I will probably use a yellow (void watchers) or blue/yellow armor paint scheme.


  1. Nice job mate, I recently painted by first Eldar for 20 years... didn't really enjoy it either! You've done a lovely job though dude, he looks cool!

  2. Arrogant eldars! Probably we have some problems to paint them because these space elves have the bad habit to call us mon-keigh ;)