Thursday, 8 October 2015

Realm of Chaos - Chaos Undivided Warband

Here the Realm of Chaos Undivided Warband I painted some months ago.
All the miniatures are painted with an old school paint scheme.

Chaos Undivided Champion
Human Hero 10

Chaos Champion45445243977760

Equipment 7 points: x2 Axes (2) Heavy Armor (3), bow with arrows (2)
Initial Attributes: Frenzy, Resilient
Initial followers: 4 Human brigands

 The Champion with his retinue of Chaos Thugs
The champion's left leg had a defect so I cut it and included a simple old plastic genestealer leg. Maybe a chaos attribute.

When the warband will gain experience I will include these new followers:
Chaos Dwarves

Chaos Sorcerer

Chaos Warrior

Chaos Ogre

The warband

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  1. Love those dwarves in particular - great sculpts, and your paintwork really brings out the best in them.