Thursday, 22 October 2015


Soon I should receive 4 iron klaw space pirates and one citadel squat, spoil of a small swap I've done. Then I started to consider how use these miniatures, my initial idea was to paint them as cultists for my genestealer cult, but after a while I considered to create a small sensei warband too. I still had an incomplete chaos champion and it seem to be fine for a small conversion. Here what I've done. I was ispired to the classic citadel sensei miniature and later I find it fine as a Rogue trader version of the Blizzard Diablo: Archangel Tyrael. I'm not still sure if this will be the final version.


  1. Lovely work. The metallics and the wings are particularly good.

  2. Thanks, I've done some minor changes on the miniature, including a skull on the right round plate and some small "wings" over the round plates (updated the picture above). What do you think?