Monday, 5 October 2015

My Pulp Alley Plot Points, Bystanders Backups and Accessories

Here some plot points, bystanders, backups and accessories I've painted for my african campaign (congo) of pulp alley.

The congo african native villagers 

Tribal female amazon warrior drummer and chieftain, fine plot points for my campaign

Here a black panther and a "jungle girl". I could use the panther for perilous areas or as the sidekick for a "jungle girl" league

Here some members of Congo Belgian Force Publique during interwar (about 1933-1939) for my pulp alley campaign. They should be fine as bystanders or maybe a league too.

Belgian female Explorer

Some plot points and perilous areas

An evil altar and a native african female warrior prisoner... but beware! The prisoner could be a perilous area too (look in her back, that knife is ready for you or she is just trying to free herself?)

an altar of skulls and a classic pulp blonde girl in peril:

Some tents

Perilous areas: Snake and Quicksand

Some accessories and two perilous areas: crocodiles

Tomb graves

an african hut

a ruined greek temple

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